Rebirth of the Keytar!


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This precludes I ever put mine down at all :wink:


At first glance, I assumed this was a boingboing store post.


One might even consider it the afterbirth.


Cool, I get to plug Knower and their use of keybass!


Obligatory Venn Diagram:


Now maybe we’ll find out if the world is ready for an Asian man on keytar.


Time to reboot Silverhawks!


The all-black look of the first image made me think Roli Seaboard. Looks like someone put some Seaboards and Blocks on a custom frame and made their own, since Roli (still) does not:


Hmmm. This, or an iPhone Xs? With one, I can attract all the ladies. With the other, I can pretend to be a Koala bear. Decisions, decisions.

ETA: My brother wanted us to form a band at one point, for some reason. I can’t remember why. It’s not like I have any musical skill. I can press “play” on iTunes; that’s as musical as I get. He wanted me to learn to play the Keytar. We’re still related.


I challenge you to it. If you can be aa koala bear, I want proof. We need to smell it.


Good point. Edited.


Hold out for the drumitar!


I held out for “no”.


Yeah that thing never went away:

(In this video, singer Regine Chassagne of US-Canadian band Arcade Fire can be seen triggering some kind of arpeggio or other sequence with a Keytar)


OK. Saw the video (sound muted).
Agreed : the thing can be used to play hockey.
What about music now ? Can it be used to play music ?


Keytar Bear has prevailed, single-pawedly bringing it back:


Here’s its grandfather.


Looking at the popularity of EDM these days, synthesists can get plenty of spotlight without a keytar. But that isn’t to say they can’t get more spotlight with a keytar.

As for me, the only keytar I want is the Moog Liberation:

However, I am willing to play a Yamaha CS-01 with straps and a breath controller (is it a keytar if it has no neck?):


King Julien will be thrilled! image