ReBoot: The Guardian Code

So, apparently, after years of waiting and a bunch of false starts, ReBoot: The Guardian Code is finally in production:

This is the line that caught my eye:

Fans will be happy to learn that villain Megabyte will return for the series, albeit with a few upgrades.

No! No, no, no, NO!!!

If they had finished off the old storyline of Season 4 with a new voice actor, I would have understood. There is no way to complete Season 4 without a Megabyte.

Since they’re not finishing Season 4, no one should be the voice of Megabyte except for Tony Jay. And, sadly, Tony Jay is no longer available.

Bob (with either voice actor), or Dot, or Phong, or Hex, or any of the other original voice actors coming back to reprise their original roles, that I would be happy about. But Tony Jay’s voice made Megabyte.

Why would I be excited that the one thing that you’re trying to bring into the new series from the original is the one thing that can’t possibly live up to the original?


warning, incoming game
warning, incoming game

Yeah, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than him as the voice of megabyte, it should probably be an entirely new character called terabyte. Hardware upgrades in the intervening 20 years and all that. I used to love this so i am intrigued and it’ll be interesting to see how they update it for modern times. The net did exist in this world but mainframe always seemed quite isolated from it: the user seemed to spend most of their time playing games…shit, that’s me!


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