Recall alert: Trader Joe crackers may contain metal

Good points… and good strategy, although I’d also consider that for years now TJs has been selling knock-offs of items that have sold well in its stores… that is, the items branded by other manufacturers no longer seen (by me) on TJs shelves. (There’s a TJs near me and we’ve been going to it for about 20 years now.) One could check for any earlier correlations, although TJ seems to be getting the bulk of recall news.

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There seems to always be at least one notice when I go in there, and I think they put them at every check-out lane.

IKEA always has several notices, anytime I’ve ever gone in there.

I’d figured “more honest” - see above - but lately it seems to be at least two of these.


It depends on the bakery. I’m sure some bakeries sell a common cracker product under several labels. But others make custom products for individual customers. Those bakeries reuse the same manufacturing line for several products sold under various brands, where each brand has their own custom recipes, molds, cutters, temperatures, etc. After running one order to completion, they change the line over to bake the next batch for the next customer.

Metal shavings would likely come from one failing machine, and would probably impact only one line in the bakery. If it was the kind of bakery that sells a common product, it’s possible that multiple brands would be impacted and recalled.

But if they were a custom baker, hidden damage to the line would still probably be discovered during the changeover from one product to the next. It would be less likely to happen to multiple products or brands. (But not impossible; think of a failing ceiling fan sprinkling metal dust over an area for multiple days.)

I’m sort of surprised that they didn’t catch it before shipping. The plant my nephew works at has metal detectors on each line to monitor the products for things like loose nuts and bolts. I would think they’d detect metal shavings, too.

Oh, and it shouldn’t be a mystery who made the crackers. The published FDA list includes the company name that manufactured the faulty products.

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