Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer world about to launch


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Still confused as to why you’re looking to RDR2 for upliftment. Seems like an unreasonable expectation. If I personally wanted to feel uplifted, I’d listen to some Mozart and/or get stoned and/or go out for a bike ride or something…


This will degenerate into mindless griefing almost instantly I imagine.


To each their own. I feel uplifted when shooting person shaped pixel clusters into the face with various kinds of virtual firearms.


me too actually!


Please oh please let someone write a patch that replaces the white hoods with those red baseball caps.


I hope the bear kills EVERYBODY.


…much like the Old West.


I wonder how robust the character creation system will be? I have a plan that involves recreating the likeness of a famous businessman turned politician, and standing around on train tracks.


Have fun on your PS with Red Dead I’ll be over here holding my breath till the PC release.


I have never laughed harder (recently) than seeing the main character of Red Dead 2 killed in a scripted cutscene by a randomly generated mountain lion, or calling your horse in a barn and having it run you over and kill you because its scripted path only had a single direction.


hell, you can feed Klansmen to grizzlies in real life and feel uplifted as fuck


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