Reddit's AITA explores the ethnic stereotypes of stupid orange cats

That explains Rufus, my next door neighbor’s cat; he comes running up to me when I come home, because he knows that I feed cats.


(1) all cats are brilliant AND precious, and
(2) I laughed OUT LOUD AND REALLY HARD at the update.

sweet potato bahahahahaha


Beautiful cat. Is it Rufus?


Orange cats are powering the Internet right now. Fact.


Nah, but close enough for demonstration.



My calico would be a safecracker if she were human. She can get into almost any closed door.

Pray Episode 1 GIF by The Office


What a fun cat. I’m kind of hoping my next adopted cat (I don’t currently have one) will be that sort of chill kitty. My kitties tend to be self selected ones who literally show up on my doorstep, so I’ve never had a say in choosing a cat based on their personality, well other than a personality that insists they live in my house without a findable prior owner.


That’s pretty good (in a thread concerning ethnic stereotyping) but I think I favor Toemás.


♫ He’s a dick
♫ Fuck him
♫ Asshole
♫ Fuck hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim


Cat #2 the cool, but sometimes a bit skittish one adopted me. Literally kept running into my house and had to be thrown out multiple times over the course of a week until I accepted fate.

My recommendation for getting a cat like hat cat is to harass the hell out of them when they’re kittens. Not in any mean or cruel way, but carry them around, cradle them and boop their noses, rub their bellies. All the stuff you’d do to a pup, but people tend not to do to cats. Lots and lots of attention. The one problem with this approach is that hat cat is also famous for walking up to pretty much anybody and flopping over on his side/back demanding chest rubs. Good if you know him, not good if you’re elderly, and not expecting it because he’s a cat (ask my Dad with bad knees about some close calls…)


I wouldn’t say overwhelmingly male – definitely more are male, and the females tend to be dilute but it’s not a really rare thing like a male tortie.

Interestingly the tortoiseshell gene only activates with two X alleles so any time there’s a male tortie they have an extra X chromosome (XXY vs XY) and are almost always sterile. They are really cool looking, though.

One other tortoiseshell fun fact is that the actual pattern is completely random – even if you cloned a tortoiseshell cat, the clone would have a completely different color pattern.


This is how I got my cats to allow nail trimming. You can totally tell which one I didn’t do it with enough.


Note that nothing was said about that 55-gallon drum of water-based lubricant.

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I would guess all 4 are riddled with toxoplasmosis gondii and love cats more than them self’s.

I guess if you are a big, squishy orange puddy-tat you may expect to go through a lot of life without having to fend for yourself. But there are exceptions. I remember (many years ago) being introduced to “Leo”, an orange outdoors farm cat. It looked like a kitten with a bottle-brush tail. You might stroke it once if you were very patient, but then it was “Later, humans, I got shit to kill”. And it did. Mice, rats, squirrels that were bigger than it. It died young, possibly from eating something that had eaten rat poison. If you see the Valhalla house kitty, say “hi” to Leo from me.


In this case, shouldn’t it be Jortsey accent?


I’m just here for the glorious cat taxes


This orange guy is as dumb as a box of rocks but I love him beyond the point of reason.


I have a stray blue cat coming daily to my new home just because he knows that I give premium kibble to my cats


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