Redneck coronavirus mask test

So - now you know how to huff ether more effectively.

Richard Pryor could have learned something here.

Too soon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think you’re over-estimating their reasoning abilities. I can already think of how this video will be dismissed… he swapped spray cans; flammable when no mask, compressed air when masked; not a continuous shot, so can’t trust. And on and on.

Not that I ever doubted the efficacy of masks but that was the most convincing test I’ve ever seen. I’m with him. “Damn, 1 foot?” and that was just a regular surgical mask.


I was expecting him to utter the magic phrase before any epic injury.

“Hold my beer and watch this.”


Dousing flames with Miller Lite is one of it’s legitimate uses. Drinking it is not.

Some heroes don’t need to wear a mas… oh, hang on

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The thing is, the test is so simple that it’s easy to replicate yourself, though you really shouldn’t. Yes, you could fake this video, but you can also hold a Zippo, mask up a spray bottle, and get your disbelieving Uncle Ned to try and set your face on fire.


Maybe it’s just me, but I’d prefer someone not cough or sneeze directly in my face. I mean, I don’t really recall it ever happening to me in my lifetime, but still that’s just gross.

Wonder how that experiment would have gone had he pretended the “infected person” actually practiced good hygiene and manners? 1, turned the spray away from the other person’s face; 2, blocked the spray with the crook of his elbow.

Or here’s a cool follow on experiment. Since his mask is now sufficiently saturated in ether (virus), he should touch it many times like most people wearing masks do, maybe reach inside it to scratch the nose, grab it to pull it down to his chin or set it on a restaurant table… then put his hand near the flame…

or I guess if he doesn’t want his infected hand to become a “virus torch”, he could rub his hand all over several objects then light them to see if he spread “virus” to those objects.

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