Vintage instructions for making a smoker's influenza mask

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“I want to keep life-threatening substances out of my lungs, but not THOSE life-threatening substances!”


I like how the ad copy talks about getting extra enjoyment of rebreathing the smoke instead of getting fresh air.


Nice of them to cork the aperture when done-- I see people using the cool-breathing masks with valves all the time, and they don’t protect people around you from infection.


The fact that the statement:

“This is to conform to the law in localities where the authorities think thay influenza can be cured by legislation.”

Sounds like what is being said in the right wing media today is depressing. MAGA like 1918…


Ha! Another sarcastic product idea that already exists. I got a million of 'em.

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One interesting effect will be the inside of the mask will be way filthier than the outside.

Actually I’m kinda sad these didn’t take off now. Imagine if second hand smoke had to be contained so it didn’t deposit that thin layer of noxious tar over everything. So many used cars would be so much cleaner.


I guess the “Again” in “Make American Great Again” must have been pre-1918 then.

For whatever it’s worth, having lived in Trump-land the last three years, I’m convinced that golden “Again” time must have existed from after succession in December,1860 but before July, 1861 when the Union started kicking Confederate ass. That golden moment when the rebel flag flew, negro’s were in their place, and women were in the home barefoot, pregnant, and damn sure not voting or getting in the way of men’s right to chew tobacco, cuss and have “relations” with whatever kin folk (or farm animals) they choose. Those were the days… MAGA!


Screenshot_2020-04-28 face mask with straw hole - Google Search


When my daughter and I went out this morning for our constitutional, a little hunched man walked by with a mask down over his chin smoking the nub of a fat cigar. I would’ve been mad, but he looked so much like a Little Nemo character, it went all the way 'round to charming.

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Nobody said these masks would protect you from second-hand smoke just the virus. Besides how the heck else could you smoke? @jandrese had a good, point nobody wants a filthy mask.

I’m thinking no one should be wearing masks without sucking in smoke through a corn hole.

Cigar my ass - cigarillo at best!

Fun fact: Kent cigarettes used pure asbestos in their filters in the 50’s. Let’s not go back there!

Thread concludes: “But early on the morning of May 17, 1954, America was rounding up immigrants in the biggest deportation in history, Jim Crow was taking his last breath and the NRA was gaining a hero
If you’re Donald Trump, THAT is when America was Great. Has to be
That’s just science”

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