With summer gone, time to stock up on your fall mask options

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But now, as we segue past Memorial Day into the onset of fall and with the winter season fast approaching, the reality is setting in.

You mean Labor Day, don’t you? :wink:


Needs a "wear ALL the masks" meme. All twenty of them.

Copper has been shown to kill up to 99.8 percent of bacteria, so this copper-infused mask with five-layer filter technology is all kinds of virus smashing.

But viruses aren’t bacteria.


This post is peak 2020.


I would like a mask that doesn’t give me acne and prevents me and passers-by from dying. I don’t see that listed, but I also have far too short of an attention span to read 10 pages of post apocalyptic sky mall.

I’m sorry, all these masks look terrible. Masks have been ruined. I loved crazy costume masks at ttitd. 2020 ruined it. Fuck you 2020. This year needs to get the rona and die already.

Also, a mask with a fucking zipper? Is that an airtight zipper (when closed)? I highly doubt that. Kind of the mask equivalent of wearing a G-string then bending over too far…

This isn’t the first time the zippered mask has appeared in a BB advert. Reflects really badly on what it supposed to be a well-informed site. Please stop advertising this!

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