"Redneck" talks about racism

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I like this dude.


I did not expect that. That was beautiful.


seriously. I was prepared for an awful rendition straight out of the worst characters from Justified. But nope…I like this dude.


This guy for President.

All that and decent taste in trucks, too?

Who’d a thunk?

Post-postmodern redneckism. Very well-spoken, sir.



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“It’s an actor” ??

That is very prejudicial. Yes, he has worked as an actor, and in this video he reclaimed the accent he grew up with. (He does not usually speak with this accent anymore.) But he is not an “actor” in the sense that he was hired to portray a character. He is expressing his own deeply held views, as he has done with great insight, eloquence, and humility in dozens of Facebook posts and elsewhere.

He is making a real contribution with his campaign to illuminate white privilege and responsibility, and should not be compared to actors hired to stuff the rally of an unpopular politician.


Good red-necks are out there!

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Good point on it being a character, but not a false one, as it were – Heather’s updating the post.


By about the 4 minute mark, he’s mostly dropped the redneck accent that he had laid on pretty thick at the beginning.

I first “got” racism, when I was watching some TV interview show back in the 60s. A poor, racist redneck said, “If I ain’t better than a n*****, then what am I?” That pretty much laid it out. It was all about pushing someone else down, so you could feel better than them, and thus, better about yourself.


Loved this the first time it went around, good to think that even more people will see it this time around.

Redneck Buddah

This guy is abso-fuckin’-lutely awesome. Redneck does not mean racist- although they are often intertwined.

Redneck where I come from conjures up many images- but mainly, it’s people who love trucks, beer (a lot), country music, and the outdoors. Eye for an eye mentality, completely intolerant toward any disrespect, feigned or otherwise, of them, their beliefs, friends and family. Proud of the way one lives, at all costs.

Now often it also corresponds to a person’s level of education, and thus, worldly exposure to other cultures and customs, and in so much as the base mode prefers simplicity at all costs, does not predispose one to exploring new thoughts, foods, or ways of doing things. Sometimes this does mean poorly educated and embraced, due to last caveat above, and only interested in a simple diet of meat and potatoes. Quinoa and tofu, ramen, curry, what have you they have no interest in, as the basic mode precludes voracious discovery of things beyond your locale.

Sometimes it means racist, due to the same tendencies to not question your upbringing or values. This is why so many stay racist. It’s not that rednecks inherently are, it’s that if their parents were, and others close are, they are much less apt to question it even given outside influences due to their inherent tendencies.

Sometimes though, everything good about redneckitude coalesces well, and you get a guy like this- with all of the American awesome, and without the racism and unquestioning mind.

I feel I have plenty of experience in this regard, as a side of my family were hillbillies, and I work mostly with blue-collar rednecks in the machine shop, outside of my watchmaking.

Show me a person who loves trucks, beer, and blowing shit up for fun- and you might be a redneck. I find all of that awesome, btw.

well who doesn’t love those two things?
trucks, meh, now a nice motorcycle… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, trucks, nice- but I always liked motorcycles since I was little.

I’ll take my 1975 BMW R90/6 over a pickup, at least when it runs, any day.

I think Jason, one of the mods, has an old beemer too, much like mine.

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