Relax for 30 minutes with the Singing Ringing Tree

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A wonderful thing.

But the birds are all tweeting and twittering (in the correct sense of those words) “when is that damned thing going to shut up?” :wink:


That thing sounds vaguely frightening… like in the film “Annihilation” when the protagonist finally reaches the lighthouse.

Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t do more harmonious tones, like a nice wind chime.

Maybe so it could furnish the soundtrack for the next movie in the Villeneuve Dune franchise?

Have you been to Burnley? (Ducks and dives for cover before Burnley residents start firing.)

(BTW it is Burnley - there’s a typo in your post - not Burney)


“Relax for 30 minutes with the Singing Ringing Tree.”

Don’t tell me what to do!!!


My one visit to Burnley was… let’s just say it was an experience.


Thanks @AndreaJames !! Just had to do a deep dive on wind generated music when I had other things to do!

Most wind sculptures use turbulent semi-chaotic air flow to create mechanically hit tuned objects e.g. the wind chime where this piece uses pipes like a flute or church organ.

I think the video provided did a disservice to the audio aspect of the sculpture. It made me think it was all visual aesthetic over musical/aural reception.

Here’s another version and some other stuff. Thanks for posting/offering up that rabbit hole for me to go down :grinning:


Fantastic! It’s funny, but I end up doing several rabbit holes a day. When I find an interesting topic, I usually look at all examples to find the best / most recent one.

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