Relax to the calming sounds of Kmart in 1973

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Want moar?

These make for fantastic background fuzz during the day.


Want the opposite of relaxing shopping music? Yodobashi Camera Song 10 Hours - YouTube

Is it just me, or does that sound like The Free Design?

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There’s this too:

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I recently did a deep dive into The Free Design, and I still can’t figure them out. They have kind of an “up with people / weird religious cult” vibe to them, but apart from few suggestive titles there’s nothing really overtly suspicious. Dunno what to make of them.

Nothing too weird, actually. They were siblings and their music is pretty wholesome but there’s no religious angle. They come from a folk background but also jazz (both their father and uncle were professional jazz musicians). Their records coincided with the beginnings of sunshine pop but they never managed to have a hit song. Needless to say, retrofuturist groups like Cornelius and Stereolab were big fans and helped with a revival of interest in the 90s.


It was Dougee Dimensional from The Gentle People who turned me on to them, so that tracks.

man that opening jingle takes me back.

A few years back, I went digging through K-Mart tapes for samples. This song is one of many that features K-Mart muzac:

Re: kites


If there happens to be a holiday gathering at our place the one of the early 70s Christmas in-store music always gets a play.

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There is a vignette in, if I remember this right, a novel by Ross Thomas on how to tell CIA agents from FBI agents.
The CIA agents wear original Ray-Bans and the FBI agents wear the cheap knock-offs from Kmart.

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