Remarkably Normal: the true stories of abortion in America

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Should be required viewing for all “anti-choice” folks.


But that would force them to encounter the thought that women are fully autonomous people with agency, and not walking uteri! Think of the damage that could do to a poor pro-birther’s brain! [/sarcasm]


I’m not anti-abortion, but the thought of being loud and proud about getting one is just friggin’ distasteful.

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I don’t see it as distasteful, but even if your choice of words is correct the end justifies the means. The decision to abort is a hard one, but no one has the right to use this as motive to humiliate affected women. Loudness and proudness are excellent multipliers for the underlaying reasons and arguments.

One of the most iconic magazine titles hereabouts is We’ve had abortions! and was one of the main factors for the reform of the law.


At this point, with theocrats passing unconstitutional laws across the country, distasteful is the least of our problems. If some distastefulness opens some eyes to the reality the anti-choice extremists work diligently to hide with naive, distorted, black-and-white mythology, then I’m all for distastefulness.


I think it’s a lot more complicated than being “loud and proud”. Women I’ve known who’ve had abortions felt shamed into silence and that shame makes it hard for them to talk about what a difficult experience it was. And when women who’ve been through it don’t talk about it, when they’re afraid or ashamed to say why it was the right decision for them, it’s easy to simplify it. And when the women who’ve been through it don’t share their experience it’s easy for opponents of abortion to project their own views onto those women.


The opposite of shaming is not “loud and proud.” The opposite of shaming is “not shaming.” One can still value their privacy.

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“Remarkably Normal”? Great choice for a title, especially since “The Banality of Evil” had already been taken…


One in three?

Along with abortion, we need to have a serious talk about these less-than-worthless ‘abstinence programs’.


Now I’m imagining that the pro-birthers picture women as the humanoid mechanical suit that Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles uses as a host.

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Meanwhile on the other side, the pro-birthers setting up camp at main intersections of pedestrian traffic on college campuses and forcing random people to look at posters featuring supposedly aborted fetuses (though they’re apparently usually stillborn babies) is much more distasteful in my opinion.


Agreed. Very few people (very few men?) realize just how common it is.


It’s one of the privileges of privilege.


What do these women have to be ashamed of? “Distasteful” to whom? You?


It is a medical procedure, get over it. People like you put the stigma on it causing untold shame, guilt and emotional self abuse. Congrats.

It should carry no more stigma or worry or guilt or whatever than having a corn removed.

That is not to say that some women who have abortions wanted to be able to carry their pregnancy to term but were not able to for some reason and their own feelings of loss or what have you are of course their own, but they don’t need to be told by likes of anyone they should feel shame or guilt for having a medical procedure done on their own bodies.


Totally agree. Objection to abortion is an often state-sanctioned imposition of religious beliefs onto women’s choices about what to do with their own bodies. If anyone thinks it’s “murder” or whatever, fine, don’t have one, but don’t impose that belief on others.

Sucks that something this simple gets so overrun by religious beliefs superstition.


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