Remember when Chicago cops handcuffed an innocent naked black woman? City will pay her $2.9 million

At the very least, take the payment out of the police department budget. This major fuck up might make it so they can only buy three armored personnel carriers next year instead of four.


Not the precious… /s

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Unfortunately “Back the Blue!” cheerleading is a pretty bipartisan sentiment among elected leaders in the United States no matter what Republicans claim.


As it stands, it’s like someone came to your house and assaulted you, but justice required your neighbors to pay restitution instead of the perpetrator. :man_shrugging:


the police can also act like a protection racket.

the most obvious example i think: when the nyc mayor called out nypd’s tactics against racial justice protestors last year, the police doxed his daughter.

their power can act as a direct threat to city politicians – and generally the cops ( and their reps ) are on the job longer than any particular mayor or city council member – so they’re the ones with the real person to person connections in cities, and can also use that threat of power by proxy.

a lot of it i’m sure happens behind closed doors.


Lightfoot is a “progressive” in the sense that she sat on the Chicago Police Board, nominally tasked with police reform and oversight. And sitting is about the only thing she accomplished there, or even attempted to accomplish. It was a fig leaf for Emmanuel intended to change nothing, and that’s just what they did.

Being a “Democrat” in local Chicago politics is mostly meaningless when it comes to policy. It’s just the entrenched party that has been in power so long that if you want to be a part of local government, you are a Democrat. It’s a stupid system that pumps out hacks like the Daleys and Rahm, and only the fact that the Republican party is made up of incompetent whackos keeps it propped up.


Another example in Portland, where a conspiracy of cops, including the union Pres, leaked a false crime report of a city councilor who had vocally supported BLM.

The good news: she’s suing the police union directly, not the city, along with the individuals.


Right!?! That’s a horrifying statistic.


The police in Chicago are heavily right wing, not Democratic. They make it clear in small ways and also not-so-subtle ways that they have the power to Fuck You Up if you dare even look at them funny. They’re Mafia, not public servants. Meanwhile, everyone has family members they care about. Ergo, the police union continues to wreak havoc on the city.


Do be clear, I wasn’t implying the police were Democratic, but that the elected officials largely are. AFAIK.

I agree, it’s the power of the police unions and the police in general who prevent accountability laws.



she seems like a good city council person to have. ( which makes sense then that the cop institutions would target her )

i love that she’s also suing the city… for 1 dollar.


I’m so glad they were caught. It’s already affecting the city’s police budgeting proposals for 2022. There are some major gut punches to the police union in the conditions for funding…


Do you remember all that stuff America used to accuse the Soviet Union of doing to it’s citizens?
It turns out America does it too.


Why, why? Always to municipality pays and the cops skate free.

If cops could be liable they might be more careful. Not likely to happen. At this rate.

Why is everyone ok with police and teachers and other municipal services to be unionized but most of The People are not?

Glad she made “them” pay, she deserves more.

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Fortunately for the woman, city officials today voted to pay her $2.9 million.

I wonder how much she’ll actually receive after the lawyers take their cut.


Answer! Less innocent dead black and brown citizens shot, beaten or otherwise maimed by cops


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Not just pigs, but incredibly stupid pigs. First of all, stupids, you are looking for a man. He has an ankle monitor. Apparently, numbers are hard for you. Ever think of getting the correct address before bashing in someone’s door ? She should be able to sue each cop individually for damages. They all should have been fired. Lightwood is running a corrupt town, Makes Daley look good. Those officers are scum. I’d be ashamed to be married to one.

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It is kinda weird to find SWAT teams fear for their lives

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That cold war mindset is so hard to get rid off. I grew up in an area that would have been a major battlefield in case of a Soviet invasion. I used to just accept that my way to school was literally rigged with manholes to the shafts where the nuclear mines would go that would blow up the valley and that a strip of the local autobahn was actually a hidden emergency airfield complete with a control tower hidden in a water tower.

Only in hindsight do I see how not OK it was that the US just decided my region would be irradiated just so they could prevent another power from being slightly more powerful than them.

Not that the Soviet Union was great, mind you, but given the choice I would have preferred life under an invading force to death on a nuclear battlefield.