Remember when Chicago cops handcuffed an innocent naked black woman? City will pay her $2.9 million

When it comes to Chicago police and their relationship with local politicians, 68 was only an outlier in the fact that people noticed. Following that came a few decades of the Burge torture regime, where the Chicago PD maintained facilities for generating false confessions through things like genital electrocution. Then Chicago police were brought in to boost the number of torturers at Guantanamo Bay, by bringing in Richard Zuley. It’s why people got so nervous about the Homan Square black site, because Chicago PD has maintained an off the books torture facility somewhere in the city for the past half century and an off the books detention site looks like a major candidate.


To be fair… it always did.

What?!? You commie!!! BETTER DEAD THAN RED!!! /s

I mean, somehow, the millions of Germans who lived under the GDR managed to live their lives… even with the Stasi constantly up in their business. Ask dear old Angela!


Tells you just how bad it is that they are paying her without losing a lawsuit. That’s pretty darn rare.

But I will bet somewhere in the legal paperwork the city will state it is not admitting guilt in any way or fashion and the woman has to give up any further claims of any sort.

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