Rep. Adam Kinsinger of Illinois will vote to impeach Trump, becomes third Republican House member to formally break from GOP

Republican representatives in the house are not what is going to make or break this. The resolution can pass the house with just the Democrats. The battle is in going to be the Senate where the trial will be held and a 60 votes are needed to convict (just like last year). Let’s see a tracker for how many Republican and Democratic Senators are committing to convict.

You miss my point.

That the GOP has not completely repudiated their Frankenstein monster is the problem.

That they are in session right now trying to say that he did not willfully incite an insurrection is the problem.


“It is a very fluid situation,” said one Republican outside the Capitol who is in regular contact with multiple GOP senators. The source said that among Senate Republicans “there is more openness [to impeaching] than I would have imagined, but I’m not sure they would pull the trigger.”

So no Republican Senators will be voting for Impeachment.

Ah, I see. Sorry about that. I agree with your sentiment but we know that there was/is support for this insurrection not just from Trump but from those who are after the same thing he is - power at the expense of democracy. There were some interesting stories this morning alleging that the mob was actually assisted by elected representatives before and during the siege. The cancer may be deeper than first thought.

Senators don’t vote on impeachment, they vote to convict or acquit after the House has impeached the President.

As for that vote, I expect that at the very least Mitt Romney will vote for conviction again. It’s not like Trump’s actions have become more defensible since last February.


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