Rep. Clay Higgins manhandled protestor at a Gosar and Boebert event: "Get off me! You're hurting me!" (video)

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The three congress people would champion the right of the “person just asking questions” to fatally shoot their attacker, if the politics were reversed.


It would have been interesting to see someone come up behind Higgins and put him in a chokehold to stop the assault, you know since the GOP sees no issues with chokeholds.


In one of those “stand your ground” states would that be a shooting?


It’s just his nature.


I’m sorry. I think the GOP are scum as much or more than anyone else, but from the video clips it looks like they were giving a speech and he was heckling. The congress people shouldn’t have been the ones to remove him, but he was being disruptive and should have been removed. This is similar to white people to harass cops on video to try to get clicks/streams/likes when the cops react. Whether you’re on the left or right being a jerk isn’t cool. If this was a right winger doing the same thing to [AOC] everyone would think he was being a jerk. Don’t give jerks press coverage or there will be more jerks.

I think you might want to re-read the First Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the public right to speech specifically to address greivances with the government and representatives. This wasn’t just a public place, this was the Capitol. While there are ways of removing people who are too aggressive in exercising their rights, that’s the job of the Capitol Police, not some wannabe tough guy MAGA congresscritter.

Assault charges and more (violation of civil rights) should be forthcoming against Rep. Higgins.


Higgins should absolutely be held accountable. He was out of line. People absolutely should have free speech. I was at the capitol at the Jefferson memorial on Jefferson’s birthday and they asked everyone there to get off the steps so they could take some pictures. Everyone did. We didn’t have to. It is a public place, but we weren’t jerks so we let the military photographer take a picture of the band in front of the memorial. I’m not sure where you draw the line. I thought the red bike guy harassing the Nazis was great and should be celebrated. I’m sure the MAGA Republicans were saying some awful things, he was just harassing them. He didn’t appear to be protesting anything specific. Civility matters. Let them hang themselves with their own words. Boo them after each point. Harass them before and after. Their goal is the break down of norms. When we sink to their level they win. I don’t celebrate this.



Respectfully, I would suggest that tone policing someone else protesting fascists isn’t a productive pursuit. You mentioned, what if this was a MAGAt harrassing AOC? Well, that’s exactly who this guy was heckling, MTG, who didn’t just harrass AOC but threatened her in the halls of Congress.

Obligatory [Popper’s Paradox of Tolerance].


For those that hadn’t come across Clay Higgins before, this is completely who he is. He was a cop that was fired from his first police gig (the Opelousas Police) after 2 years for beating a suspect in handcuffs and then lying about it. He then of course got hired by a department down the road and then the Parish Sheriff. He became a public figure for his videos for the sheriff’s office that were comically over-the-top wannabe-tough-guy bullshit.

He’s not playing fascist for the cameras, like Gosar he’s the genuine asshole


An example of what lead to his congressional run. I wish this was a Funny or Die skit, but nope this is America

(if you don’t want to sit through 2:30 of this idiot, jump to the fire and brimstone christianity at the end)


Capitol Police work for the people in the Capitol.
Rep. Clay Higgins assualted that man but I don’t expect the Capitol Police to do anything about it.

Washington DC Police might be interested though. The man needs to go through them to press charges.


When speaking out against fascists, no it doesn’t.


Always worth retweeting this magnificent article by Armando Ianuccie:


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