Rep. Collins gets angry about Buffalo News article about his ethics probe, asks supporters to cancel their subscriptions

Remember Rep. Chris Collins from New York’s 27th district who has been a long time Trump fanboy and is currently in a ethics investigation involving an australian biotech firm which he lost 17 million dollars (

Well, he’s not too happy about a recent Buffalo News article that talked about his role in that company and the probe he’s currently in

It sounds like he trying to use that local media scrutiny to do a little fundraising by copying his hero according to The Batavian…

It took Rep. Chris Collins little time to turn news of a House Ethics Committee investigation into his financial dealings, and his continued involvement with the biotech firm at the center of the investigation, into a fundraising opportunity.

This morning, the Buffalo News reported that Collins has been re-elected to the board of Innate Immunotherapeutic and within hours Collins delivered a fundraising email to his supporters (and others on the list, including news media) into a request for a $12 donation (the price, he said, of a month’s digital subscription to the Buffalo News) to his re-election campaign.

He didn’t explicitly ask people to drop their subscriptions to the online version of the newspaper.

“Join us today and tell them we won’t stand for their fake news,” Collins wrote.


Poor little broflake, show us where the newpaper hurt your feefees.


A pattern of weepy trumpers is developing.

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