This GOP congressperson tells FOX a very different story than CNN

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You are not supposed to watch both, damn it. As long as people stick to only watching one channel everything is fine.


The grim reality is elite Republicans embrace the view that people who do not work and generate labor and revenue for wealthy America should die. A disease that runs rampant through populations of the poor, sick, and elderly is tailor-made for them, and they will do everything in their power to prevent anyone from stopping it. If nature is going to do their Nazi work for them, why look a gift horse in the mouth?


The USA are falling apart. Good thing I once studied Chinese for six months, so I can greet our new masters here in Europe properly /<not really sarcastic, unfortunately>

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I wonder how many are like Cruz, Trump and Carlson; getting themselves vaccinated but championing anti vaxxers as freedom fighters.


And as importantly, how many have on-call physicians who can make sure they get care and expensive medications at the first hint of any illness, compared to people who have to “tough it out” for a week or two or three waiting for an appointment only to have to be rushed to the ER and hear “we should have gotten to this sooner”?

When some rich guy in a suit talks about how mild his covid case was, there’s a lot of factors that go into that, and he knows it, and embraces it. Survival of what he considers to be the “fittest”, and what many of the rest of us consider to be “the most corrupt.”


Emerson once said “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.”
Perhaps he never saw this two-faced individual. :thinking:


Oh, come on…surely this doesn’t come as any sort of surprise. Pusillanimous is as pusillanimous does.


There’s two things going on here. One is the naked hypocrisy of conservatives, but we’re all familiar with that. The second is a more modern realization of theirs: tailor your message to your audience. You’ll seem rationale to the left leaning crowd, while you can still pander to the conservative base who have been told “reality is what your political leaders have told you, not what you actually see around you.” It works, too.

What needs to happen is folks at CNN need to call these people out every damned time they are on about this stuff. This looked like it was literally the same day. So why aren’t they paying attention to what their rivals are airing so they can immediately refute this sort of bullshit?

Why indeed. I’ll leave that answer up to you.


“Natural immunity gives your 27 times more protection from Covid than the vaccine…”

Of course, to get natural immunity you have to have caught Covid; so she is suggesting that people catch Covid and possible suffer long term health issues (including Death) rather than feeling rough for a day or two after the jab?


It’s a textbook example of a bad-faith argument

as if “immunity” is the end goal instead of the goal being to not get COVID


Don’t cross the streams.


And, sadly, there won’t even be any electoral benefit to these Republiqans dying in these gerrymandered battleground states.


They won’t. Absent the clout and fame of Anderson Cooper, most shows and hosts on the network are terrified that they might “go too far” (i.e. do their job) and lose access to GOP scum like this. In some ways that fear is justified, since a scenario where these dangerous creeps refuse to appear on any network but right-wing ones might further reduce their audience size and their profits.

It’s been a long time since any of us should be counting on the corporate media to save us from these fascists.


I dunno how “modern” that is. Politicians have been tailoring their messages to specific audiences since time immemorial. It’s just easier to catch them doing it on video these days.

When this kind of thing happens I’m reminded of a scene from Boardwalk Empire that cut back and forth between speeches that Nucky was giving at two different churches that had zero overlap in attendance:


One of these days, one of these GOP assholes is going to get mixed up and say something like, “I fully support the forced sterilization of all (insert whatever ethnic group they don’t like at the moment),” on CNN and then, “I have always been a proponent of public-funded birth control for anyone who wants it,” on Fox.


She is suggesting getting the disease as a good way to become immune. She kind of misses the point.


But these are their voters! (Hmm, not sure if /s tag needed or not. :thinking: )

And yet in the same breath she says we must take all of the science into account and not selectively choose what science to follow.
Hypocrite or fuckwit?
(Insert ‘why not both’ gif)


And this is what she said after she got her first shot but sure, go with natural immunity, it’s so much better.

“It took me at least three months to recover and today, nine months later, I’m still not 100 percent. I’m probably 95 percent there. I haven’t been able to get back to my workout routine because of how I feel afterwards. I had chronic fatigue, I lost my sense of taste, I had chest pain, I had swelling in my ankles and legs even after quarantine and it took me a solid three months to actually feel recovered because of the chronic fatigue I suffered from. It’s something I don’t want to go through again, it’s not something I wish upon anyone,”


This is an important reminder that while it is critically important that politicians be the subject of the news, they cannot be relied upon to be a source for the news. Their job responsibilities include being a walking self-promotion and fundraising machine, particularly in congress. This is an important distinction that is often easy to get hazy on, especially for propaganda networks.