This GOP congressperson tells FOX a very different story than CNN

Vaccination vs. “natural immunity.”

As I see it there’s no valuable difference, vaccination is just a way of utilizing how nature works, immunity is immunity, the only quibbling point is immunity against which variant, and you can never be 100% protected from a virus that is always mutating.

So either choose some imperfect immunity, or resign yourself to getting very very sick and maybe dying.

That said, a politician trying to play both sides? Predictable. Hopefully this goes viral or gets used in ads during the next election.


While politicians tailoring their speech to fit an audience is nothing new, in this case it will result in harming Americans (and some of your voters, ironically.)


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“Talking Out of Both Sides of Your Ass 101: A Crash Course in Politics”


Jim Acosta recently did a lovely job of calling out the faux “news” “bullshit factory” as he termed it. He nailed every one of their crap hosts and commentators, tore apart their statements. It was beautiful, and it needs to happen every single day, 2-3X/day.


What’s most frustrating to me is there used to be a mechanism that triggered a political cost to this sort of horrible BS, at least most of the time. Some of the time? Not any more.


It’s also a bald-faced lie.


it’s interesting… i only ever watch cable news through these sorts of online clips, and ive never noticed before - for all the tickers and chyrons - i dont see any goram dates.

it’d be very telling if the fox news clip was from before her bout with covid that @tcg550 mentioned and the cnn one after. and while i doubt it - possibly some earlier part of the cnn interview has her saying “i was wrong before”

without dates, there’s no context. i fully believe she’s harming her own constituents, i also believe the lack of dates could be used to twist a story

surely this must be deliberate on the part of the stations?


Actually, not so much - Fox itself has been simultaneously pushing various contradictory narratives: That getting the virus is the best way to get immunity. That the vaccine is, itself, dangerous. That this new variant is just a political ploy by the Democrats. That Trump would have had a vaccine for the new variant already, if he were in charge. That the lack of people choosing to not get vaccinated and the spread of the virus is Biden’s fault. Etc.

Together, there’s a lot of cognitive dissonance at play. But ultimately each individual narrative is about reinforcing the idea “Republicans good, Democrats evil,” and it doesn’t matter that they contradict, so long as they support that idea.


Here in Canada we used to have a situation during elections where leaders would say one thing in French and another in English - knowing that most of us were not bilingual and wouldn’t believe what others were telling us.

That language divide has been successfully replicated in the US through the careful tribalization of the population. A politician could say whatever they want on CNN and it will never make it onto Fox as long as they don’t offend the PTB.


There’s something about this that reminds me of something…

Oh yeah, when I was in college, I heard some dude say “if you cough after a bong hit, you get 42% more high”. The proposition reminds me of that. Sometimes made up bullshit is entertaining, and sometimes, it’s this.


Her Fox News appearance was this past Saturday, her quote about having covid and getting vaccinated was from April.

So, according to her information she was 27 times more protected back in April when she got vaccinated.

Why no one calls her out on this is messed up.


She could have at least changed her outfit to pretend like her view changed over a length of time.

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Seems to be a Grand Old Party new normal tradition in the last few years.
#hypocrites #GOP


The 27 times thing has some fairly minimal research behind it:

It isn’t a number that she just made up.

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The difference is the whole point of being immune is to avoid getting COVID, whereas the only way to be “naturally immune” is to get COVID


Attempts to replicate those results have shown the opposite several times now. I would take them with a mountain of salt.


The article points out that it was pretty thin to start out with. Even if it were true, the logic would still be either you take a vaccine and are likely to not get sick, but if you do get sick you mostly won’t die, verses don’t take the vaccine and then likely get sick and possibly die, but then at least you won’t get sick again. You get the natural immunity bonus even if you had the vaccine.

Induced immunity - only the neoprimitives forgo it.

  • William Gibson, The Peripheral

People who have had the plague have been re-infected.


As Lawrence Tribe quoted from the linked article: “It’s striking, the gap between the bodily impositions people on the right will accept in their own lives and those they would impose on others.”