Rep. Debbie Dingell on Trump: 'This President Doesn't Give a Damn About People!' [VIDEO]

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Tell us something we don’t already know.



Get mad. Stay mad.


Neither do his enablers, sycophants, toadies, or cultists.
Unless it is them, of course.
Waiting for her to call out the fascists in the House that are actively engaged in Sedition.
Not holding my breath.



I wonder how things might be different if everyone had said this loudly and often back before he was even confirmed as a candidate for the 2016 election. It was obvious from day one but everyone in the media and government sure liked to pretend it wasn’t, even as he made it more and more impossible to ignore. This man would have fallen so far so quickly if his army of enablers had failed for even one day.


I thought this motherfucker was bad before he ruined Christmas.

Here’s the longer version

She’s right. I hate this president and his evil fucking party more than ever right now (Pelosi sucks too, don’t misunderstand). Many of us have been waiting for the better part of a year for them to do their job and are really goddamn tired of the waiting and worrying.

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This was a key thing for me for all of the past four years- how hard all the institutions worked to pretend he was just another president. NPR and other media spent the first three years “both-sides”-ing everything he did and otherwise trying to normalize it. It was shocking how bad things had to get before a lot of major media finally started saying “that’s a lie” about everything he said, or “that’s probably illegal” about everything he did.

I guess the charitable view of this is that it’s a stabilizing effect- if everyone errs on the side of keeping things “normal” that works against hyperbole and such in the media which can make things worse. I dunno though, around the 10th or 11th blatantly unconstitutional thing he did, I started to yearn for a little hyperbole.


So, where was the Giant Orange Hypnotoad when the Deficit Hawks where kneecapping
the relief funds? Will the Turtle recall the senate to make it right, or will they over ride his veto,
and be condemned by the Base Base for their betrayal ? Yes, so true, “Elect a clown, expect a circus”-


His opponents for the nomination said it, but his fans didn’t care. The GOP candidates signed an agreement to support whoever won the primaries. That’s why they called him all sorts of things until he won, and contradicted themselves before the election (or said nothing at all to prevent themselves from looking even more foolish). That was his first real political victory against the GOP for his own benefit:


Trump. Al Qaeda best recruitment poster.

There’s no excuse, especially on the part of the NYC media-industrial complex. They knew for decades exactly what kind of grifting, chiseling, pathologically narcissistic creature they were dealing with, and yet they held their tongues. If there’s ever a reckoning over the last, disastrous four years they need to be held to account.


Yeah no shit. But they were fucking stupid to wrap it up in a general spending bill. Horrible optics. And confusing for the average person.

She ain’t lying’!

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It was the Democrats’ best chance to get any relief passed. The CR they passed the last time around really doomed their efforts at that time.

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I’d rather Congress actually get shit done rather than make things “less confusing”.


Well one could argue a passing a 5000 page spending bill with out reading it, and a very, very meager relief package for citizens is a pretty shit job.

And it isn’t like they haven’t had time to come up with and pass a general spending bill and a Covid relief bill before now.


How soon we forget that Moscow Mitch blocks everything except for regressively worse judicial appointment. The government was going to shut down today, and people were desperate for the relief bill. Clock was ticking for both. Only way to get them both passed was combining them.