Repeating GOP lies, RFK jr insists he is not a spoiler

If Trump or Biden die there will be replacement candidates. What happens for these third party runs? It it totally wrapped up in the individual?


Honestly, the Republi-fascist party is also totally wrapped up in the candidate, so…



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Reading helps. It gives you a leg up on a frankly astonishing number of potential voters. :smiley:

As to the issue of the third-party protest vote, yeah, it just threatens to make things worse. But try explaining that to the ideological purists for whom no party is left enough or to the Never Trumpers who see a party still controlled by establishment Democrats (i.e. moderate conservatives) as too far left.


Which confuses me because RFK jr is even more right wing than Biden. His supporters are less low-information “leftists” and more no-information “leftist” cosplayers.


Exactly. Privileged and affluent crunchy types who think their devotion to Eastern holistic “wellness” practises makes them progressives.


Yep. My son and I were having this conversation the other day because some people very close to him are RFK stans. They are precisely the sort you describe and whether they even bother to show up to vote is as much dependent on their mood that day as their “ideology”. They are very much the same people who suddenly discovered the plight of the Palestinian people on October 8th (ie. Facebook doomscroll cycle time) and are just outraged!!! (as they would have been for years if they actually gave a shit).

The other thing that is getting no attention is that his campaign has only one asset; his name. Otherwise they are a laughably ineffective and loose affiliation of the sort you describe. I doubt he can win the electoral college with [checks notes]… um, Utah? Even the states that his “campaign” claim to have enough signatures for are not exactly packed with voters; Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Hawaii. N Carolina has more votes than the other 3 combined, but despite believing they can flip it soonish, it is not core to the DNC strategy.

ETA: Actually, the more I look at the EC map, unless he gets a on flood of states’ ballots, he is much more likely to impact trump’s chances than Biden’s with the states he appears to be targeting as @exception posits above. Shit, he could possibly be the one to finally flip NC blue.


Yep. That sums it up.
Especially if he thinks he can actually win.

If he had any brains, he would donate to Uncle Joe’s campaign; that way all his bases are covered.

Who says we don’t have an Aristocracy in this country?
Time for the guillotines!


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