Repeating GOP lies, RFK jr insists he is not a spoiler

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To get this out of the way, I think RFK is a nut, and I hope intensely that Biden wins.

But, are we really sure who he is a spoiler for? His platform is antivax, which I think of as mostly a low-info voter redzone thing. He will probably peel off some alternative health flakes from the bluezone, but how many of those are there compared with redzone antivaxxers?


A look at which side is funding his campaign should tell you who his financial backers think he is a spoiler for.

I’d like to think he’s ready to peel off some MAGA voters but anyone who is still supporting Trump at this point is too far gone to reach.


I think he might also appeal to the low-information “leftists” who are soaking in the “Biden is the Worst President Ever” lunacy and, while not willing to vote for Trump, might be persuaded to throw away their vote on RFK Jr.


I hope you’re wrong, but I have been surprised a lot over the last eight years. I suppose it might also be low-information “leftist” to think that Kennedy == Camelot / more John F. Kennedy.

And I’m disappointed that Biden doesn’t get more love. I think he has been astonishingly effective at getting center-left stuff actually put into practice. Certainly far more than I expected from him during the last Democratic presidential primary.


Who does he think he’s a spoiler for?
RFK Jr. argues that Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Trump


Yeah, not American here, but I don’t get the Biden hate - I don’t see much to point at that are squarely Biden’s decisions.

Afghanistan withdraw? Kinda Trumps fault for committing to a withdrawal timeline that was too short.

Border? It’s been kind of a mess for years, it was a mess under Trump and got worse when he withdrew foreign aid for Southern/Central American countries.

Inflation? Kinda the worlds fault for COVID, and world banks for keeping interest rates too low for too long - which mostly happened under Trump - although not necessarily his decision.

Housing Prices? Not really a federal matter, it’s really the decisions of local municipalities and state governments.

Federal Gov’t spending? It wasn’t any better under Trump, and no candidate is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility; so I’m assuming no one plans on fixing that.

I’ve yet to see a “worst” president issue that can really stick to Biden; he’s largely inheriting the decisions of past governments and trying his best to navigate through them.


His continued military support for Israel as they bomb the shit out of civilians in Gaza is a legit criticism but it’s also a policy his rivals support too so not a problem unique to Biden.


Biden shows signs of breaking with Bibi, while Trump’s Son-in-law and Middle East expert wants to depopulate Gaza.


TL;DR: “Biden is bad in regards to his Israel policy, Trump is worse.”


He (Kushner) is pretty frank about it. He mentions how valuable the waterfront property might be, then floats the idea of sending Palestinians on a trail of tears to the desert. Jared Kushner says Gaza’s ‘waterfront property could be very valuable’ | Jared Kushner | The Guardian


I see online a bunch of young, leftist, frequently queer people who don’t seem to understand this, or accept it when pointed out. And the number of folks who get mad when you explain to them that no, voting for a third-party candidate won’t help and will only make things worse is bothersome.

I mean, I’m not American! I’m just an interested European observer! Why do I know your civics and politics better than you?


I can understand why anyone who had loved ones in/empathy for Gaza would be furious at Biden right now; he’s literally sending the weapons Israel is using for ethnic cleansing at this very moment even as he wags his finger about how they’re being used.

That doesn’t mean anyone should support Biden’s rivals instead. But it should come as no surprise that there aren’t a whole lot of Palestinian-Americans canvassing for Biden this week.


You weren’t educated in an American public school, with a syllabus defined by a right wing board of education.


Who is he a spoiler for though? honestly I think he’s more likely to pull Trump voters than potential Biden voters, no?

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I got a text from RFK Jr the day before his big VP announcement. “Wow gosh, I’m running, give me money, big announce tmrw! 1337!!!”

I replied:
You, ‘sir’, are a stain on your family name. Get Bent. You are only helping tRump.

Their reply:
You will not receive any new messages.

I wanted to reply again:
Fuck right off and you just ride Elon’s (metaphorically speaking of course) horse named Shanahan right off a cliff dipstick. Then keep fucking off until you come all the way around the globe and back here. Then keep right on fucking off. Now off you go!


We could become totally energy independent if we could attach generators to all of the Kennedy family members who are now spinning in their graves.


Trump’s cult members are convinced that Trump could somehow control Netanyahu. There is no limit to their delusions.