Report: Some U.S. poultry factory workers wear diapers at work because they're denied bathroom breaks


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The 19th century Robber Baron economy was followed by the 20th century New Deal social democracy economy, which was then followed by a 21st century Robber Baron economy.
What fuckin’ progress…


No onerous Govt. Regulations choking these job creators, right? Seriously, how can anyone be this heartless, and get away with it?


In a related story, researchers found human and rat DNA in burgers. Yum!



Chicken is the most popular meat in America

I did not know that.


It makes sense; it’s cheap by comparison to other meat, and it’s easy to cook in lots of different ways.

Still, this is fucking atrocious.


And from a completely selfish point of view, how many people would be willing to pay a wee little bit more to know that people preparing raw chicken for them were not soiling themselves while doing it? Salmonella? A risk with raw poultry. Human listeria and e. coli? Not what I was expecting.

From a business efficiency point of view, is having allowed bathroom breaks really that big of a problem? How efficient and focused are people if they’re on the verge of crapping themselves? How loyal and enthusiastic are people if their employer is enough of a huge a-hole that they’d deny basic animal needs?(note, not even F-ing human needs…).



Is it safe to assume that they are not chaining emergency exits shut anymore?


Sadly, Americans have bought anti-union propaganda hook line and sinker, undoing decades of hard work and lives sacrificed. By the time we figure it out, we’ll have to do it all over again.


Maybe the invisible hand of the free market can hold it for them?


From an anothe point of view the fact that there’s plenty of low cost processed food and in lesser part meat, that makes vegetables and fruit realitively more costly is generaintng in the USA and in a lesser extent other developed coutries a lot of health problem like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problemt that are way more costly than the savings on cheap foods, that are paid directly in the USA or indirectly in other countryes by the people.
By the way making industrial poultry less cheap will help farmers.

Personally I buy poultry from a farm nearby my parents home, having the privilege to select the cock alive and having slaughtered under my eyes.

By the way in the '70 i was making the vacation at the farm with grandpa, helping him ploughing with the ox, slaughtering rabbits and poultry,gather the fruits and trim the vineyard, so I’m not starltled by the butchering.




Good thing they got rid of those pesky unions, right? Freedom!


People can be heartless, always have, always will be. Let’s focus on the how they get away with it?


Gotta save money on food, if you want to make rent and have insurance

America, fuck yeah!


Well now…horrifying work conditions and inhumane policies aside…

This news will make chicken dinner preparations around here a tad more fastidious in terms of proper handling. Ultimately, it makes us think twice about buying chicken in the first place…but I suppose that would end up hurting the people needing jobs.

One of the rare times when “disgust” is both literal and moral.


I grew up with this: