Report: Trump fired Comey because he would not publicly clear Trump of Russia ties


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No ties? Is there a term for “Russian bondage”?


Yes. . . “serfdom.”



I can’t wait until a grizzled former reporter finally uncovers the shocking truth that Donald Trump murdered a young political correspondent on a subway platform back at the end of Season 1.


Trump firing someone for being a show horse is like Manson kicking someone out because “he’s a little crazy”


“Oh, and there’s James — he’s become more famous that me,” Trump said to Comey during a January reception for law enforcement.

From the NPR reports this morning, it seems to me that this may be the real reason for Comey’s dismissal. He was getting more air time that Trump and no one steals the spotlight from the Little Caesar.


Comment of the week right there.


Today it appears quite likely Comey would be lying if he said that.


“Trump fired Comey because reasons”, reports BoingBoing citing an MSN story citing the Wall Street Journal citing sources.


From the article quoting Trump’s letter"

“While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau,”

Thats coming from the guy who, what? Can effectively lead the USA?


“Another White House aide described the former FBI director as a show horse.”

If Comey was a “show horse”, then Trump is a show donkey.



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If Comey was a “show horse”, then Trump is a show donkey show.



I refuse to believe that there’s no recourse to fix this shit, outside of voting in the 2018 and 2020 elections.


Can we slap each person that voted for trump?


I think things are going to unravel fairly quickly for Trump. I have no faith that Rosenstein (or Sessions) will appoint a special prosecutor or even bring charges when evidence is brought to the DoJ, initially.

But there are many threads of good circumstantial (at least) evidence that are being picked apart which will ultimately show shady business arrangements and collusion with the Russians by a large number of people. At some point the evidence will force Rosenstein’s hand.

And / or state attorneys general will get involved in prosecuting Trump-adjacents for Russian money-laundering or racketeering that took place in their states and people will either flip or panic. With Trump being unable to pardon state prosecutions, these charges may help flip people. Flynn has already sought immunity for testimony. I would imagine Maniford, Giuliani, and Flynn would sell out absolutely anyone for a deal.

With rumors of grand juries being empaneled now, firing Comey is a panic move; so we’re heading in the right direction.

As for what comes after Trump, I have no idea. Pence may not be clean, either, so we may have to work our way down the chain of command for someone clean enough to assume office. Maybe Kiefer Sutherland.


It’s nice to hear from someone who doesn’t have a “we’re fucked; end of story” perspective.

I also don’t believe that a special prosecutor will be appointed or that anyone who’s in a significant position of power will do much of anything besides try to cover their own asses, but at the same time, I expect that all the unethical and illegal fuckery will keep coming to light, until it finally comes to a head.

I sure hope so.

I try to keep in mind that after everything Al Capone did, it was tax evasion that was his downfall.


I can’t even watch the last season of that show. Real life has gotten far more ridiculous than the writers could possibly have imagined. Plus I was a big fan of the British version which was shorter, far less subtle, and far more murder’y.


Same. The last couple episodes I watched just left me pining for a time when politicians at least made an effort to adopt an outward appearance of basic civility and competence.


Huh, Trump met with Henry Kissinger today. Trump is just fucking taunting us now.