Report: two Seattle cops participated in Capitol Hill riot and lied about it

six spd officers that they know of.

trespassing and then lying to the police ( presumably therefore obstructing justice )

Two of those officers violated Seattle Police Department (SPD) policy and D.C. law when they stood next to the Capitol in a “clearly-prohibited area.”

Three of the officers who were in the area on Jan. 6 did not violate department policy or engage in illegal activity, according to the oversight committee. The officers’ attendance is protected by the First Amendment, and the “officers’ presence at this rally was absolutely protected by the Constitution.”

eta: the investigation into the sixth was inconclusive


Thanks for digging - amazing the difference between good reporting and superficial.

BB isn’t a news site dedicated to journalism; it’s a blog.


google is your friend. when i had questions about what happened, i just opened a new tab and typed what i was curious about. it works surprisingly well

rumor is they’re switching over to a new tag line:

“so many people to disappoint, so little time.” :wink:


Yeah, I know it’s a pipe dream, but the first step in attacking that behavior is getting cops to publicly admit they don’t enforce laws on each other.

That’s the leverage needed to destroy their qualified immunity.


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