Reporter arrested for asking HHS Tom Price this forbidden question on Trumpcare and domestic violence


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In b4 He wasn’t arrested for asking that question, he was arrested for his behavior!



Banana Republic 101


I would really like the press to start using the term Un-American


I don’t even know why the TGOP and 45 bother going through the charade of caring about the Constitution. It’s pretty much a given they want it gone so they can finish setting up a theocracy in the US.



What does inb4 mean? Like you want to make a comment but want to pretend you didn’t make the comment? Anyway, I agree. It’s a very good very important question , but maybe humping the Secret Service isn’t the best way to ask.


To me “In before” means, I’ll just get this stupid thing said (and hopefully, done with) before others clog up the thread with it.

Maybe I’ve got the nuance wrong?


It means preempting someone else’s stupid and predictable comment by bringing it up yourself and defusing it.

Back on topic, no-one should imagine for a moment that this is going to be unusual behaviour from the regime. Expect to see a lot more reporters arrested for doing their jobs before this is done.


And as @jilly so astutely noted, he looks like an age progressed Martin Freeman body double.


When does “This is not normal” become the new normal?


And it would have been so easy for Price to refer the reporter to that devil’s den of the alt-right, the Washington Post

where the allegation about Trumpcare and rape or domestic violence is awarded four solid Pinocchios.


Add another hero to the list. Remember them, support them, and protect them.


The steno pool really needs to learn it’s place. Your job is to repeat when we tell you to repeat!


Just like with the Iowa Republican who stormed out of the interview instead of answering softball questions, I have to ask: Why not just answer the question diplomatically? “I can’t comment on that now. Thank you.” No, that’s not forthcoming either, but what’s the point of calling in the goons?

Oh, right. These people suck in every way.


On the internet in general, certain things seem damn near inevitable:

Any post about social injustice, class disparity or the steadily dwindling rights of citizens will usually result in someone emphatically defending authoritarian tactics & behavior.

Discussions of mass shootings will likely end in yet another tedious and futile “debate” about gun control.

Posts about feminism or anything even remotely pro-woman will attract anti-female trolls and apologists.

Posts about racial strife and inequality tend to draw responses that try to marginalize and/or negate the issue.

Some days it’s like one big ‘shampoo bottle’;

#Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Back on topic, I hope and pray that something ‘gives’ soon; I feel fatigued from all the ceaseless fuckery…

Every way, except the good way…



This is why impeachment and ejection of the orange goo-magnet will do no good. We need to get rid of every single republican in power, period.


And remove the ability for mouthbreathers to shit in the political sandbox, again.