Jeff Sessions asked Sally Yates in 2015 if she'd say no to 'improper' presidential orders


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But that was different.


Yeah, a black Democrat was in office then.


After the confirmation hearings in which Spicer asked Yates the now seemingly prophetic questions,

Should be “in which Sessions asked her,” yes?


Oh they despised the last white Democrat too.


Yeah. I thought it was important to mention both ethnicity and affiliation, though.


Part of me wants to spend all day tweeting this video at Donald Trump


Yet more proof that Republicans like to talk about the Constitution, separation of powers, and the rule of law, but don’t actually give a rat’s ass about any of them.





awe shucks



This video is going viral on the premises that Sessions would consider the travel ban improper and that he’s not a hypocrite. I’m skeptical about both.



If they are in power, they don’t care about any of that. They just want to keep their rich masters happy and hope they get something from the 1%.


Hulk needs to smash some places in Washington D.C.


It…isn’t grammar though? It’s the wrong person who asked the question - or am I gif reading too literally here?


My “huh?” exactly.


Yes… too literal… Just a joke about nit-picking, really.


Nitpicking to say it wasn’t mouthpiece Sean Spicer who asked the question, but instead Senator Sessions?

Maybe I just need more sleep. Well, I always do.


You’re not in the wrong here. For some reason they felt the need to defend BB instead of just accepting that the correction needed to be made.