Watch Sally Yates hand Ted Cruz his ass

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OMG - the 2nd half of that she just laid down the law son! non-lawyers may not be able to follow the sauciness of this - but there is a new sheriff in town. please Ms Yates run for president.


Ted Cruz is insanely smart and an insanely bright lawyer and an insanely good formal debater. I have friends in law school who debated against him in college and he was apparently simply an order of magnitude better than most of them, and better than all. (Cruz and I are of the same age cohort and we probably know 30 people in common, though I have never met him).

But he’s a complete and utter twat.

And he gets blinded by his own talents and a comeuppance was long over due. I am sure there are some conservatives who are going to try to spin this for Cruz, but all the ones I know are almost certain to be delighted at this.


Cruz is one of the most truly despicable and oily creatures in American public life. Here he is, dishonestly defending the unconstitutional executive order of a man who insulted both him and his wife in front of millions and then getting owned by a lawyer who could handily best him in any debate.

The last backfired on him in the GOP primary debates, where he was treating the moderators as if they were judges/referees who’d determine whether he’d win.


You make it sound like the man who brags about writing part of the case of Bill Clinton’s impeachment as the highlight of his early legal career might be primarily interested in their own party and political career rather than a DOJ lawyer who stood up to Trump.


The best part is hearing Cruz sputter in feeble protest.

I don’t feel like this is accurate. I agree with points above that he’s a smug weasel in certain regards. I also concur that Yates handled herself magnificently and put forth the best counterpoint to him that constitutional law “trumps” anything else.

I do not like Cruz…but I do not think he represented himself badly; he was simply out matched by a far superior lawyer and person.


Cruz indeed walked right into his own well laid trap.


Speaking as someone who went to a high school with an exceptionally talented formal debate team, the latter does not in any way imply the former.


I thought the best part was where Cruz tried to set up a stinger question at the very end, a question he knew the answer to, and that he imagined would leave her forced to admit her actions were unprecedented.

She completely turned that last one around on him, so that’s he was the one on the business end of the sting at the end of his allotted time for questioning.


Wait… wasn’t this during Yates testimony on Michael Flynn?
What do Yates’ actions on something entirely different have do do with anything?


Let’s assume for a second that Cruz (yuck!!) is not that stupid and unprepared. Considering the insults he had to endure from Trump, I wonder if he actually set out here to have Yates to do his dirty work for him.




That’s why I enumerated all three. But all three are true.

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I am a proud member of the center-left. It becomes very difficult to point at Fox News for sloppy journalism and fake news when we, ourselves have the Huffington Post. I read this story. I did not see Sally Yates “Hand Ted Cruz his Ass.” I saw two competent lawyers trade barbs, neither giving ground.

The presence of Fox News on the right does not leave us wanting the same on the left.



Yes, Satan does work like that. I’ve heard…


Yeah, I keep hearing people talk about how smart Cruz is, but this is a man who thinks the moral of Green Eggs and Ham is that Sam I Am should have taken a hint and left that guy alone.

He clearly has some substantial talents – look how successful his career has been, at a relatively young age, despite how viscerally off-putting he is and how he constantly burns bridges and makes enemies of potential allies – but I’m not sure I would classify that mean cunning and knack for self-promotion as the kind of brilliance some people see in him.


Cruz was also the backstage favorite for Republican candidate until Trump beat him like a gong, and Robert Mercer left him at the dance. :sweat_smile:


It’s hard to believe that the whiff of Sulfur I got came all the way from the hearings… but anything’s possible.


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Ted Cruz to-do list:

  • Challenge Steph Curry to a free-throw contest
  • Record a diss track about Lupe Fiasco
  • Arm-wrestle Bruce Banner

Yes, tis why I play the lottery every fortnight.


As long as that’s not part of your retirement plan, s’okay!