Republican state Senate candidate arrested after punching woman in face at abortion rights rally. He's a cop, too

Originally published at: Republican state Senate candidate arrested after punching woman in face at abortion rights rally. He's a cop, too. | Boing Boing


It’s so blatantly obvious where the violence is coming from. Right there in front of everyone.


ACAB. The amazing thing to me is that, despite knowing that recording devices are utterly omnipresent these days, they seem unable (or unwilling, of course) to exercise a minimal amount of self control. It’s almost like they assume they will face no consequences. Gee, wonder how that came about?

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This pitch perfect little bit of snark makes the point that we all need to remember about men like this: it’s always part of a pattern and never an isolated incident.


That the cop chose to assault Rourke, and not the man that punched the instigator, says a lot about who Lugo is. When they show you who they are, believe them. Hopefully Rourke wins the state senate election and he is convicted of assault


Jesus loves the little children until after they are popped out…then it’s starve and die.


Handsome is as handsome does.

Lugo bravely assaulted a woman smaller than him rather than one of the burly dudes nearby.

Only the finest people on the Reich wing.

@Scientist beat me to it. I owe you a beverage!


Five gets you ten that he’s quietly shuffled off to another district/county/whatever so he can carry on being a fascist shithead elsewhere.


I’m sure it’s pure chance that the woman he struck just happened to be his opponent, he was simply defending himself in a confused situation with a disorderly crowd, and no one was more surprised than he was when the very person that he’s running against just walked into his clenched fist. Twice! I mean, really, what are the odds?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that there might just be grounds for suspecting that the assault involved, oh, I dunno, just a little bit of premeditation?


I don’t know about the alleged Jesus you’re talking about, could be he still loves them in a hands-off sort of way. The nazi-repugs however are scared and angry with women and children because women and children get too much attention for no reason what-so-ever and a nazi just can’t put up with that. Women and kids act like they have rights and are due respect and that’s not gonna happen with them. I wonder if Mama Lugo is proud of her little boy or if she needs knocked around a little herself.

/s despite it’s being obvious


I should have specified “republican Jesus”.


Sadly, in some states this assault would virtually guarantee he’d be elected. Hopefully Rhode Island isn’t one of them, though.


Somewhat off topic here, but I’ve always wondered… The news clip stated this nazi cop is a 3-year veteran of the local police force. What makes someone a ‘veteran’ cop? Is it just being a cop for more than one year? What are the criteria?


He’s not, and he’s described elsewhere as “just” being an officer.

Recent update, he’s dropped out of the race: “Lugo, whose Twitter account was intermittently deactivated on Saturday, tweeted that he would no longer “be running for any office this fall,” following the incident.”



The PPD is criminally investigating the behavior of an off duty officer last evening during a protest where a female was assaulted.

Oh, but why was he being investigated? Because this mealy-mouthed bullshit makes it sound like the two events are unconnected.


Ladies and Gentlepersons, The Aristocrats! The Patriarchy!

That would effectively be the result if they fired him. So that’s really the best-case scenario.


My thought when I heard he’s only been on the force for 3 years was…

Resume padder – someone who wants a short stint as a cop just to pad his resume for politics.

Don’t know the guy, haven’t looked up his bio, but that’s the first reaction I had.


Amazing that Lugo lived 35 years without ever cold-cocking a woman in the face,

That we know of


Due to the great success of the first, Civil War II will soon come to a Divided States near you.