Broward County GOP secretary split a female classmate's skull with over 40 claw-hammer blows


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Welp, I guess that answers the question who’s going to eat the hollow corpse of the GOP from within in 2024.


Secretary, not Chair. It actually makes the end of the article very confusing. Would you mind correcting it, please?


Nice to know that his assault on that woman was taken seriously.


he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor after taking a fellow student out in car, then hitting her over the head more than 40 times with a claw hammer and then choking her and dragging her out of the car, leaving her by the road with her skull split open.

His victim survived the attack. The 6’2" Tarsey said the attack was self-defense.

How is this not attempted murder? What the… i need to look up this crazy shit.


$. Lots of $


Hm. The linked article does not give any more details about the attack or the case, and why it was not tried for a felony charge


This is confusing.


The sociopathy is strong with this political party…


In a felony complaint filed in Van Nuys Superior Court, prosecutors charged Rupert Tumin Ditsworth of Beverly Hills with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly beating Elizabeth Barcay, 18, with a claw hammer.

So somehow it got whittled down to a misdemeanor? I’m totally confused.


You and me both.


Definitely, this seems like it should have been a felony charge for attempted murder, and assault/battery


Why is the local GOP Chairman shocked? Isn’t this type of person part of their base / recruitment? Or is he shocked that the truth was found out? (Never mind; I know the answer.)


Because he’s white. When a black person commits assault, it’s attempted murder. When a white person commits assault, it’s all a misunderstanding. The lad needs help, not jail. Besides, do we really want to harm his chances in his future life with the scandal of a trial?

PS, it helps if you have a rich daddy as well, but it’s not mandatory.


That poor poor child. Think of how much his attempted murder must’ve traumatized him. He’s a victim really.


Very rich white male republicans are not genetically capable of committing felonies. Everyone knows this and the legal establishment wasn’t about to embarrass themselves by suggesting otherwise. Simple really, if you understand the basics of the creature.


The fact that this psychopath’s daddy was wealthy enough to send him to Harvard-Westlake would explain why the charges were reduced.


Literally someone non-ironically saying that in the comments on the article.


Tracing down old articles for this, it does look like he was charged as a juvenile, then later recharged as an adult for attempted murder. The case took over a year to make it to courts, but it looks like it never even made it to trial. He pleaded to a misdemeanor which basically says he did nothing wrong. I can’t find any articles from that moment it time.

I saw that his parents had him spend some time in a psych hospital, and I bet it was clear to the prosecution that he’d get away with claiming insanity if they went with the full charges.

This recent article talks about his mother’s millions, and legal connections.


Am I the only one who noticed that RPOF sounds like “rip off”? As in “The Republican Party of Florida is a rip off.”