Reputed Kremlin leak shows Putin's support for a 'mentally unstable' Trump controlled by 'kompromat'

This exactly. There isn’t anything Russia has done with this much payoff - and for so little investment.


Original reporting: Kremlin papers appear to show Putin’s plot to put Trump in White House | Vladimir Putin | The Guardian


Significant Russian influence on Mass-Murdering Traitor Trump has been obvious for almost four years now. But someday a document will come to light demonstrating this beyond a shadow of a doubt, and media everywhere will post headlines suggesting astonishment at the fact.


This is the absolutely masterfull thing about this. (Note: to clarify- I hate that someone is attacking the USA like this; but I can appreciate the deviousness of the act.)

We can consider if the contents of the document are true and honest, or if they are not. And we can consider if the source was Russia or not.

The theory is that the Russians want to increase the amount of Chaos in the USA to remove us as a superpower.

Regardless of anything else, this document supports that goal. This document increases the amount of chaos in the USA.

Is it true? For the goal, it doesn’t matter. If it does tell the truth, then revealing that does more damage. If it is fake, if the Russians did not do it, then releasing this still causes more damage.

Was it leaked or released? Again, it doesn’t really matter. If the Russians created a fake document and released it; if the Russians had the document and released it, or if the document is real and was accidently leaked- it all has the same result.

Is it Russian? There’s the rub. It could be created by a third power hoping to cause more chaos; there is a possibility that Russia is not implicated in this. There is a possibility that it is authentic and was sourced and released by a third party. I mean, we certainly have other enemies in the world who would be capable of faking this. Faking this doesn’t even need the resources of a Nation-State to pull off; anyone who can get someone who can write a document in Russian and fake it enough to get it accepted could do it.

This is a stunning bit of propaganda. And the scary thing is - there is a good chance that it’s true. And a good chance that we’ll never know for sure…


I honestly can’t imagine any kompromat that would cost Trump an ounce of support among his base. It’s either fake or doesn’t matter, or likely both at the same time.


Blockquote The purported leak doesn’t

My guess as to what it involves in bold

EDIT; Of course I am not the first to make that connection

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I chalk this up to either:

  1. Something true but way too late to be relevant. Trumpies wouldn’t care anyway
  2. Something fake Putin sent out for his own amusement. (Dictators can have a sense of humor)

What chaos can this cause?

Trump is already out of office. His supporters are fact averse anyway. People who don’t like the guy still won’t like the guy.


If they muddled in one election, they could muddle in other elections. It continues to undermine the US elections process, which the Republicans are going all in on anyway.

I am also sure that Republicans are already getting ready to simultaneously suggest that Russians rigged the election for Biden while they also did not interfere in the election at all.

Consistency has never been their strong point, after all.


If people were going to be swayed by this information, it could cause further problems. But right now its too late. Republicans have gone full fascist and are actively trying to destroy democracy. Everyone else is scrambling around as to what to do about the Republicans.


That’s true now. Might not have been at the very beginning, but it certainly is now. Of course, “Grab them by the p****” cost him nothing, so I might be wrong. When your whole brand is built on being a racist, misogynistic, rapey asshole, really, how much damage can be done? If someone had come out with evidence that he was actually a really nice guy, that could have done damage. But no, I think you are correct.



Today was the day that Donald Trump finally became president.


Today was the day Donald trump finally became president

— Megan Amram (@meganamram) January 8, 2021

Somewhere along the line they noticed consistency wasn’t necessary to sway (some) voters. Just the right buzzwords.


Yep. What’s horrible enough that Trump would feel shame? Pretty much nothing.

Probably means something that would open him up to some serious prosecution.

  1. Profit!

I can just imagine the most Machiavellian, most dangerous “think” tanks and power brokers all in a room, clapping hands to (their own) foreheads simultaneously, agreeing that, “why yes, we simply must think of the Racist Community, the Greed Community, the Misogynist Community, the Asshole Community [etc., ad nauseum]–whatever shall we do, how could we possibly live to make it to our next election cycle, without Them?”


Good news though.

Those “communities” may be vocal and full of telegenic click-baity drama, but they are definitely not the majority.

They may be entrenched in powerful places and they may get an obscene amount of airtime on some media outlets, all out of proportion to their true numbers, but man, I’m just sayin’… they are not the majority of the U.S. population, period.

I concede that TeamPutin and his complicit crew in Washington DC are working overtime to drive up those numbers.


I mean, it’s a certainty among the reality-based community that they helped, but the remaining question is how much and how much coordination was involved. Manafort was working directly with Klimmink, so even the question of coordination is not whether it happened, but to what extent?


Reagan said of the Russians-- “Trust, but verify.”

For now, we can trust that the peetape is real, but more reportage is necessary to verify, :wink:


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