Residents of The Villiages in Florida discover the joys of internet anonymity


That place has always sounded nightmarish to me. It’s freakin’ huge (current population is about 84,000) and is overwhelmingly white (98%) and Republican (68%). I’m just glad I don’t have any relatives who have chosen to retire there because I can’t see myself making regular visits.


A cut-rate version of NextDoor combined with entitled and affluent elderly white conservatives was never going to have any outcome other than this.


I wonder if they have an interloper living there, or if someone hacked in, because picking on the white crosses specifically is the opposite of Village ‘ethics’:


Based on what the cesspool of retired curmudgeons that Nextdoor is here currently. That’s just awful.

Sooo many angry folks yelling at the sky at once.


That story seems rather apocryphal and “just-so” - people in this part of rural Michigan have all kinds of crap in their yards. Also, people in Michigan place white crosses at the side of the road to mark a location where someone died.


Good point.

I actually have a white cross on the edge of my property, put up by the family, where a teen (a few months past her 16th birthday) was driving her pickup at something like 80mph and crashed into a tree. Fortunately no one else was hurt, but what a sad reminder that teens are not fully adult yet in their ability to make good decisions.

But that’s different than these little white crosses. They’re not meant to indicate a road death. And as you say, how likely is it that it became such a rallying cry in Frankenmuth, MI that it got transported down to Florida?

This might be the origin of the story:


Many years ago I did a favor for one of my customers and picked up a large boat on a trailer from inside The Villages. My gosh, it was like Fort Knox getting in there and you were watched the entire time. You’re right, it’s a virtual city in there and it’s not easy getting around. Had to dodge a lot of golf carts.

No way would I ever choose to live in there.


Yes, but:

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