Resisting: A Response To A Dumb Gish Gallop

Continuing the discussion from New House Democrat Rashida Tlaib: 'We're gonna impeach the motherf****r':

I am not quite sure which universe the above “observations” are drawn from, but it is not the universe that we presently occupy. In this present universe, there is nothing rational about the actions of the Trump administration, nor from the cadre of self-serving Republican politicos and their virulently anti-intellectual, racist, homophobic followers.

The situation we find ourselves in at present is thus: the fate of the US is in the hands of an egotistical, fickle, greedy, self-serving, petty, dumbass. If the concept of control by AI is terrifying, the present is far worse: billions of lives are being used as the playthings of the world’s deliberately stupidest man, while the country is looted, twisted, and destroyed by his disciples for their own ends. The “economy” is on the brink of collapse: their is no rhyme nor reason to the actions of the Trump administration; the only certainty in time of uncertainty is a market collapse.

The Republican policy isn’t American Primacy. It’s Greed First, winner take all. Whether it was Governor Romney and his culture capitalist Bain, to the wholsesale looting by Scott Pruitt to the continued operations of Trump, never before have nations been so thoroughly looted ans destroyed by their presumed leadership. Republicans are not merely parasites - they’re actively destroying the US for personal profit.

There is nothing rational, nor constitution-loving about Neil Gorsuch and his fellow Federalist Society kin. From the beginning, Gorsuch’s part has been that of a destroyer; the Federalist Society exists not to safeguard the constitution, but to replace it with something totally unrecognizable.

The Republicans simply will not succeed in defeating ISIS: the Republican base desperately needs an enemy to hate and to live in fear of. The Daesh has not collapsed. Ideas don’t collapse. And that’s what the Daesh are: an idea, with zealous adherents. The same zeal that leads young men to take up arms in the name of a neo-Ottoman empire is the same zeal that leads young brownshirts to chant “Lock them up!” Or to March, torch in hand, chanting “Blood and soil”. Nationalism is nothing but tribal instinct gone haywire.

The assertion that the only choice on immigration policy is to go full fascist or open borders is simply a tactic Republicans use to press-emptively shut down discussion. There us nothing rational about kicking down doors and breaking up families over a misdemeanor, nor is there any sense in putting kids in concentration camps. People are people; we are not wolves that roam in packs, we must treat people with dignity and respect their rights. Civilization is built on respecting rights; without that, humanity would revert to tribalism. But maybe that’s what you want.

If you believe the actions of the present administration of looters will somehow result in more freedom (whilst the state’s army of ICE thugs swells to levels rivaling the Stasi, and whilst rights are removed, and unions busted) you are perhaps the stupidest man alive. It is plainly evident that Republican policy will only continue to swell the state as they crack down of freedoms, invent new statutes, and come up with whole new branches of military and executive agencies. The only people who will gain are the rich controllers of corporations, who have free reign to abuse workers, sell defective and deadly goods, and silence opposition.

There is no international trade war, only class war. For there to be international trade war required each constituent nation to have formed a classless, collective, united society. Which simply has not and will not happen in a world where self-interest remains unchecked. This is the world Rand’s beliefs created: a world where the rich take all, and everyone for themselves.

Money is a lie, but a useful fiction for perpetuating the class system. Suffering will continue to grow unless Trump is stopped and until the rich have their power broken.

If a better world is to exist, it will be a world where the power of the worker is magnified. A world where circumstances of birth is no impediment. A world where lives are valued. A world where the power of greed and money are vanquished. A world where billions no longer needlessly suffer lack of food or health care. A world where leaders are accountable to constituents, not moneyed interests. That is the world I want to live in.


Okay… I love your rant here… but this is just… no. the Ottoman Empire was certainly at times positioned itself as the Caliphate. But it was also a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-confessional empire where many people found stability and safety. it was an empire built on differences, too, but it was built on a diversity that Europeans did not have at the same time. You did not get “blood and soil” in the Ottoman empire, until the very end - and then it was taken from a very European ideal. It does not really represent the vast, long, diverse history of the Ottoman empire itself.

This NOT what Islamic State was - it was marginal, small, and violently opposed to diversity in any form. They most certainly wanted to position themselves as a caliphate, but not in the mode of the Ottoman Empire even remotely.

historian rant over/


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