New House Democrat Rashida Tlaib: 'We're gonna impeach the motherf****r'

And I don’t think you meant that, I don’t think you want to silence anybody. It is the inevitable result of telling someone that their actions reflect on everybody in their “group” though which is why I called it an implication.

You disagree with the tactic, that’s OK, I wouldn’t have advised it either, but we must accept that if a representative of congress is barred from saying something because of who we see her as, well, that’s just problematic all over isn’t it?




of course

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Friday said newly sworn-in Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib “dishonored her family” after using a profanity and calling for his impeachment.


Like I said above… the Rs get a goddam pass for dropping an Fbomb but the Ds get tone policed.



I am not having luck, but it must have been recent, because I do remember it. Search isn’t pulling it up and I forgot to bookmark it.

I will keep looking.


There are a lot of possibilities between enthusiastic support and “silencing”. Swearing feels good but it’s rarely the most effective way to make change, especially in a leadership role like Congress. It’s not now completely OK because the awful president guy does it. There are many better ways to be forceful.

Resist? Resist what exactly? Rational international America First policy that is working? Resist a booming economy? Resist rational Constitution - loving Supreme Court Judges? Resist winning the war against Isis and bring the troops home? Resist sane legal immigration policy instead of insane open border policy? Resist smaller government with less regulation and increase in freedom? Resist winning the international trade wars? The unfortunate truth is that the Dems and their “liberal” fellow sycophants have been so brainwashed by the liberal elite, foreign controlled media that they are now no more than zombie debt slaves mindlessly repeating their spoon-fed blabber.

Meh. If she was a republican, people would laugh and applaud. Because she’s a Palestinian woman, she gets held to a higher standard of decorum. Her being quiet will not get her respect from the opposition, because they do not respect women in the first place, much less a woman who comes from a minority religion.


Oh, that’s different. He’s a man… /s


(and also strategy and diplomacy) is what I’d like to hold all of them to.

Tlaib has a moment of prominence right now due to breaking a major barrier. There are a lot of things she could have done with this boost. Maybe flinging a quick potshot at Trump will pay off, amplified as it was. It will carry some degree of a detriment to her credibility going forward, so there’s a cost too.



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Please, let the elbow hit you on the way out. Motherf****r.


The reality is that women, people of color, and the oppressed are the ones who DO get held to that higher standard, with our rights being held out as some sort of prize we win for being polite and quiet while the men are talking…

For some people, she’ll never be anything more than a Muslim Brotherhood operative. No matter how polite.

[ETA] and it comes from “both sides”… note how Anderson Cooper discusses one of AOC’s policy initiatives (an incredibly important one, at that):

So, no matter what, it’s an uphill struggle for basic respect… from both sides.


Yeah, I get that. I respect bold action where it’s warranted. I hope it works out for Tlaib.

Do you? I mean, you started this entire thread to specifically criticize her comments? Or am I wrong on your intent here (and please DO correct me if I’m wrong - no one likes to be misstated)?


I think you ticked all the Fox News talking points there. Well done.



I support people having concerns over inappropriate language usage. But don’t think it’s because i don’t oppose the subject of these comments.

But I worry that raising these concerns will be used by people to detract from the interest we all share in opposing Trump. It could bounce back and benefit Trump if these people- who truly oppose Trump - continue to raise the argument that this language usage is important.

They could better use their time actually posting their reasons for opposing Trump.


I think my concern is that no matter the language used, they manage to wrest the upper hand of discourse away anyway. They constantly USE coarse language and are applauded for being “politically incorrect”. It’s really sort of irrelevant what WE use, because they have no respect for us or our ideas in the first place… That’s the key problem.


Yep - I don’t give a fuck that she “cursed”.

But cursing isn’t “politically incorrect” in their meaning - which is that slurs directed at and demeaning communities and characteristics is just fine. Unless directed at white cishet dudes.

That’s beyond the pale.


Absolutely agree. But their use of the term politically incorrect is a moving target, not a stable meaning. I think that’s part of the problem, is that they weaponize terms like that in order to undermine those of us who oppose their fascist world view. I don’t think that us and them are playing the same game at the end of the day, and that’s the problem for us. We want inclusion, respect, a discussion of ideas, and real solutions to real problems that we understand all of us (meaning all human beings) are facing in our near future. They just care about winning and getting theirs.

I don’t know. Are we fucked? Cause some days, it feels like we’re fucked! :wink: