Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue caught lying about Trump's “shithole countries” remark


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At least a shithouse has a roof so a shithole would be worse right?


They initially said they couldn’t remember. But unlike most people, their memories improved after a few days and they suddenly remembered! It’s a Festivus miracle!


Shocked to hear this, especially about Tom Cotton, who’s in the top 10 of evil elected American officials at the moment (how bad? If Roy Moore had gotten elected he’d still be in the top 10).


So by calling BS via technicality, they re-affirm he made a shitty disparaging remark.


This is fantastic. Just, just really excellent. Like, Jesuit excellent.


Does anyone really believe that any words coming out of any politician’s mouth is not a lie? It’s what they are paid to do. It’s in their damn job description.

I would add that Boing Boing, you are better than this. Posting on a he said/she said argument is beneath you.


I had to walk someone through how this quibble they’re hanging on, of “shithouse” vs. “shithole”, had nothing to do with the substance of the remarks.

It can be amazing how credulous people can be when they don’t want to believe something’s bad.


I don’t think the Jesuits would approve, though.


I was going to say that this “logic” would earn them a severe levelling from any self-respecting Jesuit. It makes me think Pope Francis should send over a hand-picked correspondent from Osservatore Romano (or perhaps Father Guido Sarducci) to class up the quality of journalism in the West Wing.


Father Guido could bring some Pope Soap on a Rope and Jesus’ High School Yearbook!


They heard Trump say “shithouse,” which allowed them to call everyone else in the room a liar for saying Trump said “shithouse.”

@frauenfelder: I think one of those shithouses is supposed to be a shithole.

(Feels odd to type that.)


Shithole is Tom Cotton’s middle name.


Are you disappointed?


Don’t cry, the day isn’t over yet.


If news or boing boing did not report on what people said, we’d be a lot more poorly informed and in the dark. It really does matter. In this case I am not surprised by the senators.

It matters because if Trump really said the words he is accused of saying, it says a lot about where he wants to take the country. If other politicians defend a lie, it says what their beliefs are too. Words matter.


That’s “clever” framing your argument first as all politicians lie, and then further muddying the waters by referring to it as “he said she said”, as if it’s a coin toss as to who to believe.

Most politicians will go out of their way not to lie. Some will play word games to try to present the message they want, without outright lying. Any time a politician (or lawyer) starts getting very specific about language, one should pay extra attention. There was a lot of talk about how trump didn’t say “that phrase”, and trump himself said not those words but “strong language”. All very carefully chosen to diminish without “lying”.


So, everyone in government lies, and therefore it’s beneath this website to report on proven lies by elected officials, even if they are newsworthy.

Why are you here?


There is no doubt in my mind that their first reactions were uncertain. They said they couldn’t remember, because they weren’t sure what their position should be. Then the Party heads got together and decided to claim it never happened. Trump does this regularly. Now that they have decided on their official position, expect to see them stick to it no matter what.


oh most certainly not