'Resistiré' (I Will Resist), Dúo Dinámico (1988)

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Very good. Same kind of song: very famous French song “Résiste” by France Gall — lipdubbed by Sabine Azéma in the movie “On connait la chanson” (it’s on YouTube)


May I sugest some changes to the translation that will bring it closer to the original?

I will become of steel to toughen up my skin
And even if the winds of life blow strong
I will be like a reed that bends
But always stays on its feet

When the world loses all its magic
When my enemy is myself
If memories haunts me
When I can’t recognize even my own voice

Should the devil pass me the check
Or if at some point I am missing you


Resistiendo con aguante!

In Argentina was a rock cover for the opening song of a serial back in 2003 I think. Very cheering song. Obviously, it has its football version to cheer up your team too.

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