Retractable Apple certified Lightning-to-USB cable also comes with good advice

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That’s just not possible. The instructions that came with my iPhone say that if I ever put it down, I will die.
I haven’t had two free hands in 8 years.


Oh dang I was just recently lamenting the loss of my Monoprice retractable usb/lightning. Now I get to balance wanting one of these with wanting nothing to do with Amazon.

I totally wouldn’t be surprised if monoprice makes these and white-labels them for Amazon. :slight_smile:


Last time I looked on Monoprice I think they were gone. Who knows, they might be back.

You’re 'avin a larf, mate.
Instructions? With an iPhone?
Utter twaddle. No Apple device has ever stooped so low as to provide actual instructions.
One is supposed to absorb usage knowledge by osmosis merely by holding it (right).

Almost as good advice as “Keep out of reach of small children”.

I live by that one.

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