Retro raygun coffee mug


Cute, but it doesn’t look very practical. I suppose that’s not the point.

Two good ideas that when combined look awful. I rather like the rocket mug, but with the ray gun inserted its just too much. Plus it looks like the rocket sprouted a nipple on its side

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I like it, and it strikes me as practical enough. My wife received a set of these as a gift:

Not the same color, but the same shape. Unless you already know to sip from the corner, you will get a lapful of coffee with your first attempt to drink from a square mug. And yet they make thousands of different versions of square mugs.


At least make it triangular, or a hyperbolic square. That way you get the hip whatevers of a noncircular mug with an enhanced funneling ability.

Rip off of ?

If only they’d stick the handle on a corner rather than a flat side, then it would work fine for lefties or righties. As it is… sploorsh!

Just for you, I am going to design a pentagonal mug with the handle offset about 20% from the middle of a side. And the handle will be rotated about 5 degrees longitudinally. And it will only fit 3 adult-sized fingers. Enjoy!

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