Return of the Flying Toasters

Ah, Operation: Inner Space… one of my early loves in the embryonic days of gaming on Windows. I often wonder what delights could have sprung from its aborted sequel, Lightning…

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Actually XLock locks your screen, but it invokes xscreensaver.

BTW I am old enough to have read a design for an early dumb computer terminal which had a timer based screen saver feature which actually did save the screen. Now we have screen savers for web browsers which don’t save your screen.

Eh. Not for me.

I seem to remember a screensaver game where you got to blast John Sculley. This would have been from the age when Mac users thought Sculley was the Antichrist for firing Jobs.

Thinking about Apple CEOs, I kinda see Spindler and Cook at kindred brethren. Competent enough to keep things running along, no major innovations, dollars and cents, and continuing whatever their predecessor did without any big shakeups.

Not by itself, no. You’ll need to virtualize an entire install of Microsoft Bob!

You lucky mauxfaux!




No nostalgia here for me. After Dark, like many other old Mac UI tweaks, caused issues with audio and MIDI software, so I never used them. But I have done some permanent tweaks with ResEdit. I do have a swanky Designers Republic screensaver I sometimes use in OS 9 (yes… I still use OS 9).

I don’t know how much of it Sculley was personally responsible for, but many of my favorite things about Macintosh existed in his time. Expansion slots, Quicktime, Hypercard, Apple Common LISP, Newton, the entire Advanced Technology Group, etc.

I was never keen on Job’s vision of the Mac (or iOS) as being a consumer toy. But NextStep/OpenStep/Rhapsody/OS X is rather dope in many ways, although not as good as it used to be (ducks).

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Yes, but his implementation just isn’t the quite the same as the original Berkeley Systems’ After Dark version. The one shown here definitely invokes nostalgia in a way the xscreensaver version doesn’t.

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