Destiny toaster

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They would have used the Telesto for a toaster but it would have either broke all of the electronics in your kitchen or your garage door opener

Did someone mention a toaster?

I have absolutely no idea what any of the rest of the post was about, but … a toaster is always good.


Toast is very underrated. A good piece of rye and some quality butter, good times.

Someone should invent a toaster that makes a different random burn mark on your toast every day, so you can treat it like reading tea leaves or tarot. “Hmmm. . . looks kinda like a frog. I think that means today I win the lottery. . . or I spill my soup.”


You aren’t looking closely enough. No two slices out of my toaster are ever identical in appearance. If you want to get the most out of your toast you’ve really got to be dedicated and put the effort in, you know.

(But yeah, rye toast and butter … mmmmmmm!)

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Well. . . my eyesight is getting pretty bad. I was looking at the burn mark in the post and thinking they could randomize the coils so it was a more distinct image than a TV between stations.

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I want a toast printer.


But that’s where all the coded signals are. Oops. I’ve said too much. I’ll have to replace my toaster coils now!


Make it look like the Jotuun and I’ll buy one.

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Eh I used to like how the Jotuun looked like until I bought this ornament and preferred that look instead

If you’re aiming a weapon whose whole point is firing a tracking bolt, you’re doing it wrong? Or am I missing something?

Increased range and velocity. Some seasons have seasonal mods (overload, disrupt) for weapons that only active if you’re aiming down sights.

I want A4 toast.


A4 bread +

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I don’t want u-fronts on my toast, I want an even toasting. Also, buy Dualit, they last forever and are user-serviceable. (Not affiliated, just a fan.)

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All I really need in the morning is the weather forecast.



These people know nothing about toast if they think that a single swipe of butter covered by a single swipe of jam is any way to treat a poor piece of toast. All that bare toast, uncovered!

And @FGD135 - don’t start all that again! (Although, I guess I may have done, myself.)
That was my favourite thread, ever.

@evilkolbot Yay! Dualits forever (almost literally!)


Your toaster - don’t leave home without it!