Revealed: North Korea's covert uranium enrichment site Kangson


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Someone should tell the North Koreans that they’re denuclearizing. I heard it from Trump and he’s a reliable source.


Just out of curiosity, has Trump made _any_deals since going to Washington that he hasn’t been taken for a ride on?


All of them! Fake news! It says so right here!


I’m confused. What’s the “bombshell” here? NK has been testing nuclear devices for a while now so obviously they had the ability to enrich uranium. And apparently U.S. intelligence knew about the place so it’s not a revelation. What am I missing?


I think it’s just a Target.


How media companies make money.


I know what you mean! The Diplomat article is a bit labyrinthine; buried way down is this: The Diplomat, along with a team of open source researchers at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey led by Jeffrey Lewis, was able to locate the Kangson covert enrichment site.

I think the ‘big reveal’ is what the Diplomat and its team discovered on their own (the site location) and which is now being presented here for the first time to the public. The name of the site has been known for some time, apparently.



Bottom line: Trump can’t make deals. He can only pull out of deals already made, or pretend he’s made deals that soon evaporate. He’s perfected the art of the no deal.


Off topic, but you have reminded me of my absolute favorite onion piece:


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Beginning in the early 2000s, North Korea began building a discrete, largely unnoticed, cluster of buildings…

I guess it’s possible they actually meant “discrete,” but I’m assuming they just don’t know the difference between discrete and discreet.


Google Earth shows those buildings were there in 2009; did it take that long to notice them?



Its first bombs used plutonium cores. This was extracted by reprocessing fuel from the Yongbyon Magnox reactor which was shut down. It was relatively simple to work out how much plutonium NK had and also when plutonium was being reprocessed from satellite imagery.

If it is running a centrifuge programme then it is much harder to work out how much fissile material it possesses. Centrifuges are much harder to identify than reprocessing plants so we also don’t necessarily know where they are making uranium - it’s also possible to put a centrifuge plant pretty much anywhere. This is going to make verification of any denuclearisation even harder.

And this is more evidence of Pakistan’s duplicity in the nuclear world. NK only has centrifuges thanks to Pakistan’s government making an illegal deal offering centrifuges in exchange for long-range missile technologies. If you’re worried about NK and the bomb, Pakistan’s proliferation and weapons programme will terrify you.


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