REVEALED: Trump's Incredibly Stupid, and Brilliantly Effective, Media Strategy


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald Trump demonstrates his stupidly transparent media strategy that is extremely dumb… and works.


Yet the media plays right into his trap. Every time.

Sad that media is so stupid and EZ to manipulate.


There is nothing innate about balance and symmetry in the media. It’s a tradition, that’s all.

And if we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that traditions and institutions will not save us.


When did Dancing Bug go from Comic to Documentary?


Before (and after) the election he accused Hilary of having rigged the election. So, by induction…



And note, when he is eating the babies he didn’t even have the decency to go to a local place but ordered from the chain ‘KFB’.


Yeah, since mid-2016 I’ve been operating under the assumption that any accusation Trump makes is projection. If he says the election is rigged, it is, but because he rigged it.

Note that his Politifact profile is so biased towards falsehoods ( that you can do useful epistemic work by simply negating any factual claim he makes. You don’t get that wrong by chance - it takes effort.


I saw another comic that said something different, though, so I’m afraid this is just another he-cartooned, he-cartooned thing.


It was right around the time we stopped living in reality and started living in an animated sitcom.


Dammit, now I’m hungry.


KFB is a spin-off of Cosmic Pizza.

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