Donald Trump to sweep his own Dishonesty and Corruption in the Media Awards


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Trump rolls out the red carpet for his Dishonesty and Corruption in the Media Awards.



Oh come now, the Access Hollywood tape doesn’t belong in there. Confessing to sexual assault was a rare moment of honesty from the fellow.


No honorable mention for “I’m the least racist person you’ve ever met”?


It’s not funny, he said, stamping his little foot.


What about the time he cancelled coming to the UK because he was scared of getting booed?


Too late for inclusion…Perhaps next year.


Down with orange hair:



what is that image from? i want to see that.


I wish I knew! It’s one of a large number of ‘keep if needed’ GIFS I have in my image folder and from long ago.

You might do a google image search and see what pops up. (Obviously, from some Japanese/Korean kids show/film. Intentional cheesiness is good. Unintentional is better.)


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