Revenge candidate Donald Trump vows to round up Democrats — and Liz Cheney "for her crimes"

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I always like to take any mention of Liz Cheney and Donald Trump as an opportunity to remind everyone that until January 6, Cheney was one of Trump’s most reliable supporters in the House. She supported his positions on legislation over 90% of the time. Contrast this to Trump toady Elise Stefanik who, in 2019-2020 supported Trump’s positions on legislation only 65% of the time, and in the 2021-2022 Congress, only supported what Trump would have supported 66% of the time. I say this as a criticism of all three. Cheney is not an ally to those of us who oppose Trump. At least not a good one. January 6 was a bridge too far for her, but she was a-ok with everything up until that point. Stefanik is a hypocrite who actually doesn’t agree with Trump very much for someone who is supposed to be one of his staunchest allies. And Trump can’t tell who his real supporters are because he cares more about people kissing his ass than he does about substantive support.


Right? Cheney is not one of us. She’s not an ally. She’s not a “reasonable Republican”. She just happened to be right about this one issue, and she paid the price for it. We have a common enemy. That’s where it starts and ends.

See also: Adam Kinzinger.


In the first two years of Trump’s Presidency, Kinzinger was in line with Trump 99% of the time. In the last two years, 83%. So he may have started to recognize the problem a little bit sooner than Cheney did, but he’s definitely not an ally.

See, this is why the Lincoln Project pisses me off so much. They’re made up mostly of other Cheneys and Kinzingers. They oppose Trump. That is the full extent of values we share with them. I’m glad they oppose Trump. Everyone should. But these are not our friends.


Dictators move quickly to settle scores once they consolidate power. The Long Knives are especially sharp for those of their own whom they feel betrayed them.


The iron rule of autocracy is that sooner or later, the dictatorship eats its own.

A lot of Republicans who could have voted to impeach Trump will eventually wish they had done so while they had the chance.


Wait, isn’t a threat to “round up” anyone a crime? Legally, that sounds like he is assaulting every Democrat in the country (Generally, “assault” is defined as the threat or use of force on an individual that causes the individual to have reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact.) Maybe the “imminent” part puts a bit of a hold on it, but as far as I’m concerned in an election year it qualifies.

IANAL, but if any actual lawyers would care to chime in, is there a case for a class action suit, “the Democrats of the United States of America v Trump?” for these threats? Sure, the payout would be small per-person, but with ~50 million Democrats registered it wouldn’t take much to make the fake billionaire a true pauper.


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