Revengers: Intentional knockoffs of Avengers action figures


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I can’t decide which is more unsettling, “Fedora Ron” or “Greg.”


If you click through you’ll find that’s Fedora Ron*

*Ron not included.




No vindicators?



Saw this last week on a friend’s FB feed and it’s been cracking me up since.


Even more ominous. Where is he? Is he behind me? I don’t dare look.


This made me think of Bad Horse. Didn’t they ever make action figures of the Evil League of Evil?

EDIT: Why is this so blurry? It’s quite clear on the… yes, there’s a Dr. Horrible wiki.


That really needs the song to go along…


“Regular Raccoon” is definitely my kind of action figure



I demand to know when Detective Horse is getting their own movie series. Been under the shadow of Regular Raccoon for way too long.


Just getting through Santa Clarita Diet.

One really never realizes how distinctive Nathan Fillion’s voice is until they see him as a special effect.

I was at, “I know that voice from so many different things, why can’t I place it”. Then I IMDB’d the character name and felt like an idiot I didn’t recognize it.


Hm, had never heard of the show. Is it any good?


Haven’t seen it myself, but from what I’ve heard from friends and family it’s pretty good. Refreshingly original, one said.


I like it so far. Its on Netflix, in its second season. Its from Victor Fresco, the creator of Better Off Ted.

A suburban woman (Drew Barrymore) becoming a flesh eating ghoul and her family adjusting to it. Tim Olyphant plays her husband. He is surprisingly funny.

Just be warned, there are a lot of humorous blood geysers.


I gotta say, my fav is Knighty Knight, with what I assume is his sleeping bag accessory. That’s good accessorizing.




Someone pointed me to Happy yesterday.

Not only detective horse, but a blue one no less.

I’ll see myself out, shall I?


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