Review: Dasani Sparkling Bread Mold water


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Do they still make Dasani with Peckham Spring water?


I like Crystal light and the generic mixes. I cut my Mt Dew intake to 2 a day, and the rest of the day I use old Mt Dew bottles filled with water and flavor packet.


Now, if you’ll just use old Mt. Dew bottles that you’ve half filled with tepid water to which you add a pizza bone, you can have the same flavor experience as the reviewer!


Folks, just get yourself some La Croix and don’t look back.


Well, I’m glad to hear that sparkling water has jumped on the “how can we make this product smell or taste awful” bandwagon. Shampoo is currently my favorite example, of which I have gone through many brands to find one that 1) doesn’t smell like crap and 2) doesn’t leave a scent (good or bad) in my hair to enjoy all day. It’s amazing how many perfumers with damaged olfactory organs are employed by corporations these days.

I realize the sparkling water mold smell may be accidental, but I wonder.


There is a version of Perrier spring water with “green apple” flavoring, and if you are thinking green, apple-y thoughts, it’s got a green apple flavor… but if you’re not careful, “stink bug” is a definite option. I did some research, and several of the volatile chemicals in stink bug stink are also used in food science as odor/flavor enhancers.


Crazy talk! This is their best flavor!


why is it seemingly so hard to buy a decent lightly flavored canned sparking water? I have a kegerator at home and make my own sparkling water because I drink so much. 8 drops of agnostura or other bitters? A 1/2 a lime? 2 oz of OJ. All very tasty and refreshing. But can I put a six pack in a dorm fridge by my desk? damn it.


Nonsense, you could probably score a liter of Gerolsteiner and a lime for cheaper than this, and be all set.


Oooh! Thanks for that. I usaly drink unflavored mineral water, but that sounds interesting.


“Bread mold flavor”, “best flavor”, and “crazy talk” are not mutually exclusive:


Note: Oddly, the cans I tested were subject to a misprint whereby each was stamped “Raspberry Lemonade” instead of “Bread Mold.” This had no effect on the flavor whatsoever.

This kind of mis-stamping happens more often than you might think. Can’t count the times I’ve seen a certain major beer manufacturer’s unique “cat urine infused bongwater” flavor incorrectly stamped as something called “Bud Light”.


This is some National Lampoon (late 70’s to early 80’s, when they were still good) level of writing.


This makes me want to resume making my own Apfelschorle (basically, apple juice plus sparkling water). First had a taste of it in Germany last year. Super-refreshing.


Why are cans needed? You can put seltzer water into an old water bottle with fruit juice added.

No fructose that way, if you squeeze the fruit yourself. But even if you don’t, it’s a small amount.


Jumping in a bit late… I have been happy with the Safeway brand seltzers. Cheap and tasty.


La Croix is the jams. If anyone doubts this, give them a blind taste test of La Croix raspberry against that of any other brand. Afterwards, once they’ve swallowed their pride, tell them that’s how good all of their flavors are.


My kegerator was originally for beer, but now is almost exclusively used for Italian sodas. The best part is that the whole family gets to enjoy it. :wink:


As I was reading your comment, I briefly imagine you tasting shampoo.