Rhea running at 30mph


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Road Runner is indeed canonically geococcyx californianus, not geococcyx velox


It was just checking to see if they had any free bird seed.


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What’s 30 mph? Please use metric system thank you.


underlay underlay you ribber…:slight_smile:


Did you do this second misidentification on purpose? Probably so, since you live in the Southwest. Here in Southern California, I sometimes see a coyote roaming in our neighborhood. If it were a wolf, it would be really scary. Cats and small dogs beware! Anyway, good excuse for a cute coyote video:



All I can think of is the game Joust when I see these kinds of birds.


Be very careful when pacing them. If one disappears into a tunnel up ahead DO NOT FOLLOW. It’s merely a black oval painted onto the mountainside.


I saw that last part just waiting to happen. Honking at the poor bird, laughing and scaring the hell out of it and then almost running iover it. What a bunch of assholes.


Those are Freedom Units™. We Colonials can’t be bothered to use those socialist metric thingies.


And they called It an ostrich…


Canon? There is no “canon”. There is The Code.

The code says Geococcyx californianus (Lesson, 1829).
Neither the capitalisation nor the italics are optional.

(You knew I would turn up to say this, didn’t you? Sorry not to disappoint.)


30 mph? Rhea will never hit 88mph and get back to 1985 at that rate. . .


That will be 72 miles per decimal hour.



Looks like he’s trying to catch a (certain) train.


The Warner Bros canon, I mean! At some point (perhaps sadly?) they decided to use the real taxa instead of the funny dog latin ones from the old toons


I almost wrote “brush wolfs” just to wind you people up.