Rich Russian Kids Instagram feed

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So you are on a beautiful boat on a wonderful day with glorious sights all around you and your choice is to look at your smartphone? What’s the point?

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Putin on the ritz?



Public bragging about conspicuous consumption to this extreme degree can only happen when your Dad is (at least for the moment) enjoying the full protection of Putin’s state security apparatus from the hungry and seething masses.

Americans can look forward to social media feeds like this from wealthy teens if Trump ever becomes President. For now, though, most of our own oligarchs are usually smart about telling their kids to tone it down (at least for a domestic audience).


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“Moi? Tone it down?”

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Hey you crazy kids, have a great time with your RUS version of #socalitybarbie, but when the knives come out b/c your patron says the wrong thing, supports the wrong candidate, or generally does something that’s unwanted by your PutinOnTheRitz Strongman, then all that champagne and Chanel won’t help one bit.

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