Rick Springfield stars in a musical slasher film sequel to "Jessie's Girl"

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I don’t know which is more embarassing for me. That I kind of liked that and thought it was a neat idea and very retro fun, or that Rick Springfield is freaking 71 years old and STILL looks way better than me.

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Thom Dunn doesn’t understand the lyrics of the song. This is just embarrassing.

Thom: The song is called “Jessie’s Girl,” in which Rick talks about wanting to steal his friend’s girl. His friend is named Jessie.

The bartender, therefore, is not “Jessie himself”.

[edit: not in Rolling Stone, which would have been horrible.]

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Right. So the friend stole the girl from Jessie. And then Jessie, the bartender, as played by Rick Springfield, sings that he’s actually relieved to be rid of her.

That’s how I understood this sequel, anyway.


Full Rick verse:

It sure seems strange he put up no fight
When she broke his heart that fateful night
Jessie played sincere, he sure seemed cool
What I hadn’t known was I was his fool
We’re married now, house, job, three kids
Dreaming of what life could have been
Stranded on the if’s and maybe’s
Had I left that monster in the 80’s

“Jessie played sincere, he sure seemed cool”

Rick is not Jessie, unless RickJessie is referring to RickJessie in the third person, and that’s a very un-Springfield move.

“Had I left that monster in the 80s”

Rick has been stuck with Jessie’s Girl ever since he got what he wanted back in the 80s. Jessie knew what kind of a tiger Rick had grabbed himself and gave his blessing to his friend, walking away free of both bad actors.

Rick is doing his penance for the sin of coveting his good friend’s wife.


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