Shaun Cassidy sings "Rebel Rebel" (1980)


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I have two kinds of disappointment.

  • Disappointed they didn’t come up with their own guitar riff.
  • Also, who decided the song needed a Barry Gibb impersonator?


I am fond of the Rickie Lee Jones version:


just wrote that into a song, you are a master of verse Sir.


That’s a big bucket of no.


I approached it with an open mind.

But, I believe your opinion has merit.


I wanted it to be good. I was rooting for it.


Yeah…not sure I’m going to make it to the Talking Heads cover…


How alarming.


Not Shaun’s bailiwick. This suits his pipes a little better:


He certainly makes the track his own.


Oh, man, when I was in 1st or 2nd grade I was a big Shaun Cassidy fanboy (along with The Bay City Rollers, of course)…

I was sure that when I turned 16, I was going to skip school, not knowing what I’d want to do… but I’d buy a guitar and I’d get the fever… I mean… that’s rock-n-roll…


i actually have this in my MP3 library. it’s so bad and so good at the same time. it’s the tough-boy monologue in the middle that really puts it over the top in my book, though. “…they call me a rebel too – 'cuz i never do what i should…” oh yeahhhhh


I’d say in the 70s he was best known as being a Hardy Boy and for Da Do Ron Ron.


Okay, so it’s not the album “Shaun cassidy” by WASP. Would have been fun, tough…


but also as a Hardy Boy.


THANK you for the palette cleanser. Everything’s better with Rickie.


Speaking of Rickie, here is “Jolie Jolie”, another favorite. Enjoy!


I declare this a fully legitimate version of the tune.


A male…who liked the BCRs? I was in 6th grade when they came out (I even word those flared plaid floods - yikes!), and had no clue that boys would like their stuff.

Of course, I didn’t buy any of their albums, myself…lol. I was listening to CKLW-AM (Windsor-Detroit), and whatever my older brother listened to - mostly the Beatles.